Suggestions (in General)

private December 24 2004 11:32 PM EST

Is there any good way you could make the opponents drop-down box take back focus after completing a botcheck? The fact that this no longer happens (probably since the frame isn't reloading) technically isn't a bug, but it's really annoying.

AdminJonathan December 25 2004 12:59 AM EST

I'll just have fight.tcl set focus in the sidebar after every load, then.

private December 25 2004 11:55 AM EST

The frame setup doesn't leave much room for the train page. It's a bigger deal when you have higher PR minions but I'm already feeling it now. Maybe a 2x2 minion grid instead of a 4x1 minion grid would work, but it would need to be made smaller to fit.

Todd December 25 2004 11:58 AM EST

Also, when a bot check comes up, the LH frame is still active. (Meaning, I can't just type the bot answer). I have to manually click the text box to give it focus, and then type in the word.

Once it has been answered, it now goes back to the fight list, which is great!

AdminJonathan December 25 2004 1:11 PM EST

are you using IE, Todd? autofocus bot check works fine for me.

Max December 25 2004 2:47 PM EST

If the frames will remain the same is it possible to have an auto refresh on the far left frame?

AdminJonathan December 25 2004 3:43 PM EST

tried that at first, didn't like it.

Max December 25 2004 3:51 PM EST

How about on Fight Page do a Heal and Home link that takes you home/heal and refreshes left frame. Also, a Train link that does the same thing.

Max December 25 2004 3:52 PM EST

Probably FORS, put a chatmail box in the fight screen for that opponent. May promote more player interaction which, to me, is nice.

AdminJonathan December 25 2004 4:05 PM EST

The new layout principle is, navigation should be done from the left. Use the Refresh link there if you want, but I'm not sure why you'd use it so often.

SNK3R December 25 2004 8:53 PM EST

Once I disbanded my clan, I still had the ability to go to the left frame and choose Clan > Admin, etc.

Perhaps an automatic refresh of both frames can be instituted so it will be able to go back to normal Clan options after someone disbands their clan.

private December 25 2004 9:22 PM EST

I assume actions on the right frame can make it refresh, so autorefresh isn't needed. However, it should refresh after training (The tutorial promises the fight list will be updated after a refresh, and it keeps new chars from getting out of date no minion errors when trying to fight.

AdminJonathan December 25 2004 9:37 PM EST

train has been refreshing opponents list for some hours now.

I'll see about reloading the sidebar when you exit your clan.

private December 25 2004 9:49 PM EST

1. Put the play-by-play display option in the settings menu.
2. Don't reset it with the cache flush.

It feels awkward to set PBP in the right frame when fights happen in the right frame. Besides, it's belonged in the settings menu from the start. If you really don't like that idea, then put the PBP options in the left sidebar instead.

private December 25 2004 9:50 PM EST

It feels awkward to set PBP in the right frame when fights are initiated in the left frame.

private December 25 2004 9:58 PM EST

It'd be cool if the EXP column on familiars displayed a percent to give a feel for how close it was to leveling up.

private December 26 2004 2:29 AM EST

I would like to propose that AS's effectiveness be reduced by 19% (i.e. the same penalty applied when it is used with four minions on CB1) and all penalties associated with it be removed. It is worth noting that AS is already more effective on CB1 than it was before.

Max December 26 2004 5:14 PM EST

I would rather have a player search box where the logo is on the left hand side.

AdminJonathan December 26 2004 5:25 PM EST


private December 26 2004 5:59 PM EST

If you switch active characters, the right frame should redirect to the home link.

AdminJonathan December 26 2004 6:10 PM EST

Only for pages where that makes sense, as I explained in my welcome email. For most, it should NOT refresh.

AdminJonathan December 26 2004 6:12 PM EST

Misread your post at first. New answer is categorical no; right page may refresh based on actions in sidebar but should never just zap you to home.

Seems weird at first since "Home" was the center of the cb1 universe but it will grow on you.

private December 27 2004 12:38 AM EST

How about this: 20% discount on transfers from economic clan members to other economic clan members. 10% discount on transfers from economic clan members to anyone else. 100% discount stays the same. 96 hour delay on rejoining a clan after leaving an economic clan (to discourage people from joining an economic clan temporarily). The result of this is that people who tend to camp or forge will likely create clans. As it is, these people might be tempted to join and then leave clans whenever they have large transactions to make.

Oh, and no discounts on char transfers, though I assume that is already the case.

private December 27 2004 2:55 AM EST

It'd be nice if after creating a new thread or replying to an existing thread, a link to the thread that was just created (or replied to) was provided. I often copy thread URLs for various reasons and sometimes want to re-review my post after posting (yes, I know there's a preview. Shhh).

Todd December 27 2004 7:25 AM EST

Jon, I am using Firefox.

When a bot check comes up (fighting, store, etc), the focus appears to be the right hand frame, as the cursor is blinking in the text bow where I am supposed to type in my response. However, when I start typing, it just beeps at me.. I actually have to click on that text box.

Todd December 27 2004 7:28 AM EST

When I do start typying, while the focus is on the LH frame, it is performing a search for that letter I type, as it highlights that text.

AdminJonathan December 27 2004 8:12 AM EST

sounds like a bug, focus should be where the cursor is

AdminJonathan December 27 2004 8:40 AM EST

you could try turning off typeahead find to see if that makes a difference

Myonax December 27 2004 4:11 PM EST

Could we get the forging efficiencies normalized? The stupid tax for forging a claymore are already built in to the BS cost.

It would be nice if the $ per BA was equal for all weapons/armor at a given PR.

Myonax December 27 2004 4:22 PM EST

2nd Suggestion.
Depreciate Heals.

For wins automatically reduce winnings by amount it would have cost to heal. Do th the same for losses including negative cash rewards is that was result.

Downside is stupid people could go negative $ continually fighting someone, upside is we don't want those players anyway. Heal then fight and most other references to healing are gone already, why not take the last step.

Sutekh December 27 2004 5:13 PM EST

I second Myonax's forge idea. Still not sure whether forge efficiency is based on a hidden factor or just the cycle dynamics, but BS costs already enforce what is "smart" to upgrade and what isn't (as Myonax says). What is the justification for making some things "sweeter" beyond the already existing BS curve?

As for healing, why not just do away with it altogether? Healing costs are negligible, so why even have them? Unless we are going to have "survival" mode or something, I don't even see a reason for ever fighting without automatic healing (except of course when defending when another player's damage to you needs to remain before next fight.)

SNK3R December 27 2004 8:29 PM EST

Is the "active threads" link always going to be there, or is it just for alpha/beta? I really liked how CB1 focused the top 5 threads in order of last postings on the main page, especially with the user next to it. :) One of the reasons I liked the threads on the main page was that I could immediately see the thread titles on there.

Anyway, I understand you might have put the thread titles in the floating menu (or whatever you want to call them) to probably avoid having a long thread title be eaten up by the frame. I would think that could be an easy way to fix that by limiting thread titles by characters or something like that. Whatever it may be, I'm just curious if you're planning on keeping it like that, or if you're going to change it for the opening of CB2.

Thank you for taking your time to consider my suggestion.

AdminJonathan December 27 2004 8:49 PM EST

It's a space saving move more than anything else. Don't plan to change it. To be honest, I liked it better the old way too; the bright side is this way I can put 7 instead of 5 in it for "free."

AdminJonathan December 28 2004 12:22 PM EST

"For wins automatically reduce winnings by amount it would have cost to heal. Do th the same for losses including negative cash rewards is that was result."

I thought about this but it's really pointless. All it does is let dumb people let themselves get into a deep deep hole, while making it very difficult to see why.

Removing heal costs entirely would have a point but I'm not sure I want to dumb down CB _that_ much.

Sutekh December 28 2004 4:57 PM EST

/me waves fingers at Jonathan...

I guess I will wait for the "Sutekh was right, heal costs gone" thread. *laugh*

IDEA: Show BA on the left side (hope this wasn't already brought up). Since home page is no longer the center of the CB Universe, hard to see how much BA at a glance. Shouldn't available BA be in the same spot as the links to _use_ said BA?

Myonax December 28 2004 5:15 PM EST

You could put a * after negative amounts of cash and at bottom of page say something to the effect of:

* Negative cash rewards may indicate it cost more to heal your minions then you gained for beating the opponent. You may want to avoid this opponent.

To me the idea behind moving heal cost into fight rewards is to hopefully avoid going into the red state where you cannot afford to heal. I had this happen to me twice today where my 4 minion team lost 4 minions on a draw ($64 to heal $34 for win) and I had just bought arrows. Had I saw a negative cash reward I would have avoided that opponent.

Max December 28 2004 8:48 PM EST

During crazy money time my money was OK I guess but my EXP gained was usually 0. I understand I'm small PR but it should be more then a 9 EXP gain using 24 BA.

Max December 28 2004 9:25 PM EST

Eh, the reason I say this is because a new player who happens to come across CB for the first time during crazy money time may be deterred by such a low gain in EXP. Or, not.

private December 28 2004 9:28 PM EST

* Negative cash rewards may indicate it cost more to heal your minions then you gained for beating the opponent. You may want to avoid this opponent.

Kind of like the crazy money notification. If you've hung out in NP during crazy $$/EXP, you'll realize that nobody reads that stuff.

private December 28 2004 9:29 PM EST

Eh, the reason I say this is because a new player who happens to come across CB for the first time during crazy money time may be deterred by such a low gain in EXP. Or, not.

Crazy time does not apply to very new players. I don't recall how long it takes before it applies. I think it was 24 hours.

SNK3R December 28 2004 9:52 PM EST

"You have $111449." -- Fight screen.

Missing commas (unless you purposely left them off.

Oh, and while you might be going for consistency, how about adding commas to ammo as well?

SNK3R December 28 2004 11:59 PM EST

Oh, and for the ammo-wise location, it's on the main page -- not the fight screen. Sorry. :)

AdminJonathan December 29 2004 12:37 AM EST

very well, slave-driver :)

private December 29 2004 1:12 AM EST

If the background of sidebar.tcl was the same as the background as the table, it would look nicer. The only time this is especially noticeable is if you activate on of the bottom menus, scroll down, then deactivate.

SNK3R December 29 2004 1:04 PM EST

The Purchase BA, uh..."section" on the Manage Characters page is scrunched all over to the right in the corner. Any way of making it closer (next?) to the character table that includes score, ammo, money, etc.?

SNK3R December 29 2004 8:09 PM EST

Since you've gotten most of the "Home" links on the non-navigation pages, how about taking the "Home" links off of the Help page?

SNK3R December 29 2004 8:20 PM EST

And how about the "Home" link on Train > Spell and skill descriptions?

SNK3R December 29 2004 8:21 PM EST

Grr...and when you're viewing the current thread?

And when you successfully make a thread/post?

SNK3R December 29 2004 9:48 PM EST

And I have other spots as well, but there's no use in me posting them all if you're going to leave them. Let me know.

AdminJonathan December 29 2004 11:36 PM EST

Moved Purchase BA.

My current policy on Home links is, the "Carnage Blender" home link at the top of the right frame should stay to make cb1 players more comfortable. Also, Home links at the bottom of long pages should stay since the user may have been dragging the scrollbar down, so his mouse will be closer to a link in the current frame than in the sidebar.

private December 30 2004 11:14 PM EST

On the train page, the combo boxes don't need to be so wide.

AdminJonathan December 31 2004 8:54 AM EST

take it up with your rendering engine.

Myonax December 31 2004 11:45 AM EST

Not a bug so I will post it here.

I just bought a Tattoo of Steel from store. I knew it was there because it was in Item meta stats with no owners. Free store checks = bad.

AdminJonathan December 31 2004 12:14 PM EST

item meta-stats is cached for an hour, so that's not really an issue in practice.

Max December 31 2004 1:17 PM EST

take it up with your rendering engine.

--Jonathan, 8:54 AM EST

Click Me

AdminJonathan December 31 2004 2:53 PM EST

I'll bet it's a feature. :)

Max January 1 2005 12:57 AM EST

A supporter feature that allows me to disable the logo :)
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