Some things that have changed since cb1 (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan January 1 2005 12:25 AM EST

- revised interface (duh)
- added "newbie bonus" to give new players a chance at catching vets (first day of effect: Jan 9)
- added tattoos, familiars
- all-new ranged damage formula
- added Dispel Magic
- modified Fireball, CoC, Protection -- read the descriptions
- removed Cause Fear
- ratio of DD:weapon damage increased
- some cb1 supporter items now spawn in stores
- nonfarmable stores
- added economic clans

stoner14 January 1 2005 10:19 PM EST

If the store is 'nonfarmable' why do we still have "For those naturally criminal minds, yes, you can force a store refresh by buying out a large amount of items. However, it won't work the way you are hoping, AND it's illegal. That is called "Store Farming". You will be fined, or even reset when you are caught farming. Store logs are available for all to see, so please, just buy items you are going to use, or items you want to resell. No one is going to buy your story that you were planning on reselling a whack of low end items, so don't bother trying to formulate that defense :)" in the faqs?

Mythology January 2 2005 9:47 AM EST

Dont forget :
- cut number of char slots in half

Thraklight Resonance January 2 2005 12:10 PM EST

And returned posting ability to Myth! :-)

AdminJonathan January 2 2005 2:46 PM EST

updated stores faq

thefuji January 3 2005 7:57 PM EST

did you get rid of elven gloves?

sasquatchan January 3 2005 8:55 PM EST

I see the FAQ is updated .. But I'm curious. Store visits don't require BA or a bot check -- is that because I'm still under newbie graces ? (FAQ still indicates that camping is one way to spend BA, so is it "free" visits for some time period or PR min ?)

And I'm dense, I "get" that 240 times a day (and I'm sure the intervals themselves are random...) the store may spawn items, but not refresh .. What's the difference ? That when the store runs low/out, tough cookies until one of the 240 chances happens ? (As opposed to CB1, where, at least with ammo, when no arrows were left, more were generated automagically .. )

thefuji January 3 2005 9:26 PM EST

when the store refreshed it got rid of all items not bought in 48 hours, perhaps it automatically gets rid of all items not bought in 48 hours instead of relying on a refresh.

SBW January 3 2005 10:01 PM EST

what is the "newbie bonus"? And who will it apply to?

sasquatchan January 4 2005 9:48 AM EST

One possible newbie bonus, when I created my account, I had over 200 BA to use. I don't recall the exact number, but a large amount. And I wasn't paying close enough attention to see if it rolled to 160 after 10 minutes or if I just fought down to 160 in about 10 minutes. The extra BA would allow for one to catch up a little bit.

Also, is it wacky XP time ? It sure looks like it based on rewards I'm seeing, but no message saying as such.

Elouamn January 4 2005 9:56 AM EST

When i started, i had i think 320 BA. Perhaps this is just so that newbies don't run out of BA during the tutorial and quit entirely.

Sukotto [lookingglas] January 7 2005 6:11 PM EST

- 5 minion max
- Score showing in dropdown changes after each battle

Sukotto [lookingglas] January 7 2005 9:36 PM EST

Duh, I meant "5 character max"

Bolfen January 8 2005 1:11 PM EST

All Elven armor is unforgeable.

that seems like a pretty big change ;)

Undertow January 9 2005 9:44 PM EST

Saidaphis, that's not a change. I had that when I started in early August.

AngryZac January 10 2005 11:36 AM EST

What about item namings? Has that been removed from the game?

astrokid January 23 2005 7:58 PM EST

why was the bank removed from the game

Undertow January 23 2005 8:01 PM EST

cuz it stunk
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