FB and AMF (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 3 2005 5:44 AM EST

Hi all, I've had a really quick look at how AMF is effecting my FB.

I fought Alucard twice (who gave an AMF of 0.44) and Inception once (AMF 0.73). For a given level of AMF and FB, the returns are still level, so are still working from effect and not damage done.

My FB was Level: 1,987 Effect: 315.

Returned damage versus Alucard (0.44)
R1: 194
R2: 221
R3: 249
M1: 277

Returned damage versus Inception (0.73)
R1: 321
R2: 367
(My mage didn't last longer than that ;P )

First if we take the melee damage return from an unpenalised effect, it shows that for FB, the first round of ranged combat has a damage penalty of 30%, the second 20% and the third 10%.

As for the AMF return, it looked something like;

(E=Effect, modified by any ranged penalty)


This might not be the correct formula for working out AMF returns against all 4 DD spells, just how it seems to work versus FB.

I hope this helps! ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 3 2005 6:09 AM EST

Or, if AMF still works like it did with CB1 (working off of 40% of the total effect) it should look like;


5 being the maximum number of minions FB can hit. This should be the same for CoC, while MM should remain as;


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