A request for forum addition. (in General)

Bounty Hunter January 4 2005 1:06 AM EST

Maybe I have this backwards but maybe not. In chat it is really and I mean really annoying watching the "loan a tats" messages scroll by over and over again. Maybe an addition to the forums of a "Tattoo" option free of charge where players may post their offers on loaning for free. This is something that doesnt really fit into any of the other options in forums and maybe would alleviate the annoying "spamming" if you will.

Miandrital January 4 2005 1:11 AM EST

Isnt that what rentals are for?

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 4 2005 1:26 AM EST

Rentals cost money, people don't pay money for tats, they just level them up a bit.

Jango, we're already stopping the FS/WTB so spam has been cut down a lot but as loaning ToJs helps newbs it's allowed in chat. Most newbs wont be using the forums and they'd probably have to wait a while for the person to log on too.
Just put up with the talk on loaning out tats for now, it'll die down when people start getting bigger tats and 1 hour loans really do nothing for them.
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