Tattoo chat (in General)

velo January 4 2005 5:16 PM EST

Since there have been so many tattoos traded in chat, I have created the room "Tattoo Loaning" to hopefully cut down on ToJ spamming.

Hopefully some admins can help back this up so as to not annoy players wishing to chat free of tattoo loaning. ^^

Timberwolf January 4 2005 5:20 PM EST

Thank you for doing this velo, it takes a huge load off of an already busy New Players.

I finally see January 4 2005 5:20 PM EST

Velo, I agree. NP is nearly unusable due to the spam, we can't chat. NP can't serve the purpose it is meant for, to help new players. The spam often floods out any and all noob questions, leaving them confused and upset. Additionally, we can't have a decent conversation, and it has gotten to the point where *everyone* needs to talk in multiple lines. I prey to god people use this.

AdminG Beee January 4 2005 5:23 PM EST

Bravo velo...

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 4 2005 5:27 PM EST

Its too bad we can't join multiple rooms at once, then everyone would join that room :)
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