New Store Madness (in General)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 5 2005 2:55 PM EST

Thanks for CB2 Jon, so far things are going pretty good, I just wanted to mention something as alot of people seem to notice this. The basic weapons in the store are good. I assume that the armor store will level out, and actually carry armor after everyone on CB finally has some armor on.

I just wanted to mention that the ammo in the store doesn't refresh often enough, I think the store on CB1 refreshed basic ammo alot more often. Considering most every single character with any kind of ranged weapon needs ammo, I think the ammo store should at the very least refresh with basic ammo on a fairly often basis.

golgotha January 5 2005 3:01 PM EST

<Wasp> Post confirmed Wasp (Warrior) golgotha (Koko) $30000 -- N'joy

golgotha January 5 2005 3:03 PM EST

sorry about that my mistake

Abit January 5 2005 4:18 PM EST

/me agrees

and is it necessary to have 50 daggers and main gauches?

or is that to make campers adapt?

/me waits for ammo

Alienfb January 5 2005 5:07 PM EST

I think the Armor store has stopped totally. There has not been a pop for hours.

Bolfen January 5 2005 5:14 PM EST

no ammo either :P

Bolfen January 5 2005 5:16 PM EST

lol, and as i post, ammo pops ;)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 5 2005 5:47 PM EST

Maybe this is unnecessary but I hope Jon can do something about the store loading time.

Right now there is alot of weapons in the store, maybe how it is now doesn't represent the store at its normal state, so thats cool. But if this is how it will always be, then please do something so the store loading page doesn't take so long to load.

Alienfb January 5 2005 5:48 PM EST

In the last two hours the armor store has only popped a hard leather cap, a pair of leather gloves and a soft leather armor.

All the rest has been items reselling.

That cant be right.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 5 2005 7:31 PM EST

Just as a crazy idea for the store, since theres ALOT of duplicate items in the store, why not make each duplicate item not display.

So if Person A looks at store and there are 15 whips with the same stats in store, make it only display one. If Person A purchases a whip the rapier will still show up in shop for Person B to buy, but it will be whip number 2 of 15, so if person A purchases a whip and person B tried to buy that same whip, Person B would then be purchasing whip 2 of 15.

Salketer [big bucks] January 5 2005 7:37 PM EST

i like! but not limit to one... limit it to 4! Why? because if someone is looking to fully equip his new created 4minion char, he'd use up 4 BA instead of one. It would work exactly as you suggested, but with a max of 4 instead of 1 =)

How 'bout it?

Tibike77 January 5 2005 7:58 PM EST

Well, why not have something like "15 pcs. of Whip[9x1]+0 ; buy:[...]pcs" ?
Then why not "only display ammo|bows|crossbows|etc"?
Or how about a "filter by name" too ?
Heck, why not directly "filter only rares" ?
Peachy, ain't it ? [/sarcasm]

You draw the line between functionality and (unnecessarily) helping "shop campers".

Salketer [big bucks] January 5 2005 8:01 PM EST

hrm these propositions are idiotic... we're talking about hiding exact same items that come over and over and you ask to hide everything but bows or crossbows or rares...

If you still didn't know, there are a lot of toolbar that will highlight preset words for you on a page (yes that includes all rares or anything) why would jon do something like that?

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 5 2005 8:26 PM EST

Ya interesting 4 at a time, I suppose limiting it to 1 would inhibit hardcore campers alot too, but the funny thing is, Jon could make this change, and not even tell us about it. Since it wouldn't effectively change the way we see the store is already, might just slightly notice less junk in store.. ;)

Keyword SLIGHTLY because theres still alot of unique junk in store which wouldn't be hidden at all with store changes like the one I proposed. I can't think of another nice way to change it that doesn't seriously hinder camping.

Salketer [big bucks] January 5 2005 8:58 PM EST

the problem is that, with my programming skills, i see it is not the easiest add-on... Maybe jon won't like the idea enough to implement it.

Bolfen January 6 2005 12:33 AM EST

calling all armorers and blacksmiths! There is a serious armor shortage in CB2 :)

Starseed^Lure January 6 2005 12:57 AM EST

LOL, there are 16 pieces of armor in the store and most are dupes. This is hilarious; I'm glad I don't have to buy any armor!

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 6 2005 5:41 PM EST

I just want to ask Jon a simple question and don't want to bug him in chat or chatmail about it.

Do you recognize the weapon store as having too much equipment in it and taking too long to load as it is, or is this the desired effect?
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