Tatoo NW - ok or an issue ? (in General)

Tibike77 January 6 2005 9:24 AM EST

Well, the base (level 20) "lesser" tatoo NW seems to be slightly under 6k, while the base "normal" ones are at around 11k.

However, a level of ~1.5k doubles that NW, while a level of ~25k seems to bring the NW to ~*35 of base. You can say that (until now), more or less 1500 levels (30 increases of 50, gainable via 160 BA) cause a NW increase equal to the base cost - anyway, that NW increase is comparable in magnitude to the amount of cash earned in combat.

So, now, the question... if that NW increase is more or less linear with level (and it *seems* to be, at least for now, even if nothing else is)... would it be safe to assume that we'll have high NW tatoos that will keep increasing in NW at a rate of half a mil per week, or more ? At this rate, *without* spending any money (actually, gaining money) you will get a lot of high NW "armors", possibly a lot (hundreds) of ~100 mil NW tatoos within two years.

Heck, it's like forging for 0% blacksmith forge fee AND fighting in CB1 at the same time !
Sure, having a high NW per level of tatoo stops a few rentals/loans from occuring... but if you use it yourself, it's still a lot of NW gained "for free".

So, I'm just wondering - is the (relatively big) rental fee enough to stop artificially pumping the tatoos up in NW ? Or would the simple fact of manually loaning it for 1h to various targets and using it yourself be overpowered enough already ?

Or is there simply no problem where I seem to see one ?
Oppinions ?

private January 6 2005 11:42 AM EST

The higher the NW on your tattoo, the uglier that rental fee will become.

Tibike77 January 6 2005 8:32 PM EST

Yes, 2 * permanent transfer fee, right ? So actually 2% of NW... on a 10 mil NW tatoo (~level 1.3 mil) it would be 200k.
Obviously, the "rent to increase faster" will only be worthwhile for lower NW tatoos.

However, I'm talking about using the high NW tatoo on yourself (especially ToJ/ToE on single mages or ToA/ToE on single tanks), and the way it automatically increases NW for no cost as you gain in XP/PR, while also NOT decreasing the XP gain on your own minion(s) at all.

Then, the ease of creating "overpowered" own chars (for sale, farming, etc) by simply transfering (much later) the tatoo (especially the ToJ, but even the ToA) on a newly created char, that could soar upwards in no time at all, even much faster as it used to do in CB1 with high-NW gear... this time you also transfer "free stats", not only equipment !

Besides, all you have to do is wait for 1 week in the same economic clan as the buyer/loaner(s) and get a huge discount in transfer fees !

[From CB1]Tequito January 7 2005 12:23 AM EST

NW is just a number. don't worry about it.

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] January 7 2005 6:07 AM EST

Personally, I think Jon should make a change on the Tat's so that loaning of a tat for use will not increase anything, and make it retroactive. Only True Ownership of this item and using it should increase Item nw since this item is not forgible. That would make it a little more fair/reasonable.

Cranium Basher January 7 2005 6:28 AM EST

I agree, lvl 24k tat is unreal to catch up to :S

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 7 2005 6:41 AM EST

Just do the same yourself. Loan your Tat s out to people you know will be playing while you sleep.

Personally, I wouldn't do this, as I wouldn't want to weaken my character...

Even start a econ clan with people soley for moving tat s between members to level without the transfer fees...

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] January 7 2005 1:32 PM EST

Nope, I disagree. Retroactive nerfing needs to happen soon. Making a tat lvlable while loaned was a bad Idea.

Tibike77 January 7 2005 2:06 PM EST

No need for retroactive anything - soon enough, the 3% fee on NW rental will be high enough to prevent renting them out, and the economic clan bonuses only kick in after one week, hence it won't be too attractive either... now I realise that ;)

Salketer [big bucks] January 7 2005 2:56 PM EST

Why wouldn't loaning a tattoo to someone make it level?

What's that!? Really, it takes the EXP from the battles, it is normal that it levels whenever it is equiped in a fight!
Don't loan it to others, this is YOUR problem...

If such a thing would happen, then why, tell me why, would someone else be able to forge the item you loaned to them? That is exactly the same thing.
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