come on we only need 3 more votes (in General)

trigger99 January 6 2005 5:08 PM EST

we need 3 more votes on Lesser Tattoo of Flame then it will be in auction

Blarg January 6 2005 5:12 PM EST

Off-topic is for congratulations of all sorts (including birthday/anniversary announcements) as well as anything not related to CB.

Don't you think your subject is related to CB?

Max January 6 2005 5:16 PM EST

Fined, thread moved to general.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 6 2005 5:39 PM EST

You get fined for not being on topic, and for being on topic.. Classic ;)

CooperTX January 6 2005 6:08 PM EST

Being a first offense and the fact that there is nothing stated in the heading of off-topic noting that you will be fined for placing cb related topics, I believe this penalty to be harsh. Flame away.

Max January 6 2005 6:29 PM EST

Actually, it was an error on my part. I misread instructions. Money returned. So, no flames to you and a bruised ego for me. :)

Don't hate me too hard. I am trying.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 6 2005 6:56 PM EST

You do alot of work for CB its cool Max! :)

trigger99 January 6 2005 7:10 PM EST

thanks for the money back max and im not mad at you i was just confused why i got fined lol oh well its fine. oh and we still need 3 more votes for the tattoo come on people the more we get out there the less we will have to pay for them and we can afford them easier

CooperTX January 6 2005 7:34 PM EST

No problem. Mistakes happen to everyone, the good part is that the mistake was fixed and that's all that anyone could ask of a person ... or admins that are sorely tried by people everyday. ;)
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