Looking for stats of Tattoos (in General)

[GR8]{KREEFT}The Chemist January 6 2005 6:54 PM EST

As known from CB1 each item has different stats like upgrade costs and things like that.

Type of tattoo (ToJ, LToJ, .....)
NW (might be interesting to see maybe not but post anyway)
Fight data of the tattoos (averages only, no complete lists of each fight in that level).

This fight data I need to be able to calculate the LT:T ratio of the stats.

Will post my data of the ToJ right after I posted this.

Thanks for the troubles.

[GR8]{KREEFT}The Chemist January 6 2005 7:26 PM EST

A Tattoo of Jigorokano lvl 2,770
ST 923
DX 923
HP 495
Average DI (356)
Net Worth: $42,214

This is the first information I can give.
tomorrow I will come with more information.

Tibike77 January 6 2005 7:32 PM EST

Isn't it obvious ?
ToJ of level X gives X/3 into HP, ST and DX, and an unknown amount of Eva, UC (supposedly still X/3) plus a bit of "endurance".

[GR8]{KREEFT}The Chemist January 6 2005 7:35 PM EST

x/3 doesn't count for HP as I discovered and I want the exact info to be able to calculate the difference between lesser and normal tattoos

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 6 2005 7:42 PM EST

ToJ lvl 4720 HP 1533 STR/DX 1,556

Warchild January 6 2005 7:45 PM EST

chem i am looking for where he said it but i remember Jonathan saying that the only difference between the regular and lesser tattoos was the rate at which they gained there levels

The Tyrantly Tamale January 6 2005 8:13 PM EST

He said it here
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