Melee damage from CoBF (in General)

Sedecim January 7 2005 11:22 AM EST

I was looking at the damage I received from attacking a minion with an equipped Cloak of Balrog Flame and the damage I receive seems a bit to high to me. Highest was 25,999 damage, which is quite a bit higher then the highest trained HP.

Damage examples from InebriatedArsonist (Susan Death)
Master Xi burns from the flames surrounding Susan (21429)
Master Xi burns from the flames surrounding Susan (25999)

Damage examples from Nonsensical Knight (Thatanos)
Master Xi burns from the flames surrounding Thatanos (6773)
Master Xi burns from the flames surrounding Thatanos (6186)
Master Xi burns from the flames surrounding Thatanos (7306)

Damage examples from dai-can (The Charon)
Master Xi burns from the flames surrounding Rulke (12619)
Master Xi burns from the flames surrounding Rulke (11668)

I was wondering what level of damage other people receive from a CoBF.

Tibike77 January 7 2005 1:18 PM EST

The damage you receive from a CoBF in melee is directly dependant on the enchantment level on the CoBF.
Anyway, apparently, damage dealt is more or less the same order of magnitude as CB1 CoBF damage vs. enchant level.

Would be nice if somebody would ask the three owners what's their CoBF level...

Damage dealt is only reduced by your own Armor Class (not sure if all or only the plus), own Protection ED or by wearing a Tatoo of Endurance... plus, in the case of a ToJ familiar, the intrinsic Endurance it trained.

Also, wearing a CoBF protects the wearer from Fireball damage (even to immunity if enchant is high enough, and right now the enchants are pretty high compared to the level of FB people have) - the exact extent of FB damage protection is still an unknown amount.

QBJohnnywas January 7 2005 1:26 PM EST

I'm renting a base CoBF and the minion equipped receives no damage from any fireball at my pr level (approx 10k). Fights haven't gone into melee often enough though for me to tell the damage output.

Sedecim January 7 2005 1:26 PM EST

Aha, thanks. So am I right to assume it may be unforgeable, but the blacksmith CAN be used to upgrade it?

MoeDrippins January 7 2005 1:29 PM EST

In CB1, it was *only* smithable. I assume that's the same here.

Tibike77 January 7 2005 1:31 PM EST

Singularis's Fireball hit Jack Crow for no damage
Singularis's Fireball hit Tonya Fafnirsdaughter [366], Fabre Moon Eye [547], Matthew Hope [327]

I have a FB of level over 5000.
Are you telling me your CoBF is BASE (as in +0) or is it +1 ?

QBJohnnywas January 7 2005 1:33 PM EST

It's a 0! I think the tatt's aren't the only thing thats overpowered! But you didn't hear me say that.... =)

Salketer [big bucks] January 7 2005 1:43 PM EST

From items meta-stats:
Cloak of Balrog Flame: Base AC 0. Damages melee attackers; protects against fire; prevents use of skills or enchantments. Unforgeable.

Yes... it is unforgeable.

Tibike77 January 7 2005 1:44 PM EST

There's always an alternative: ranged weapons (+seekers if you have the CoBF on a mage, and that's usually the case), Magic Missile (if it's on a meatshield) and the usual Cone of Cold.

The "EO/ED set to zero" penality is harsh enough already on the CoBF, and the fact (is it still a fact? or was that the case only in CB1?) that the other minions take 1/8 "splash damage" from the CoBF flames makes it (overall) a pretty tricky item to use - and it has a place only in highly specialised strategies, which can (and will) be countered ;)

daishinzo January 7 2005 1:54 PM EST

You guys are forgetting the fact that our CoBF's alone are worth more than the majority of your entire characters net worth. Of course the damage your receive is going to destroy you.

Once again since this hasn't been stated 1000000000000000 times.

The game just started. Wait a few months, a year et al and when everyone has their super duper high PR, weapons and armour CoBF damage like this will seem pitiful. It's helpful now because everyone has low hp etc

Tibike77 January 7 2005 2:01 PM EST

In the blacksmith queue now: A Cloak of Balrog Flame [0] (+3) owned by The Charon for 1 points.

Well, it means that A Cloak of Balrog Flame [0] (+2) causes a damage of roughly 12k.
Obviously, Thanatos must have a A Cloak of Balrog Flame [0] (+1) which causes ~6k damage, and Susan's cloak is a +3 one.

When Charon's cloak comes back, can you try fighting him again to see if the damage is close to ~24k ? Then we have a rough formula for the lower levels of the enchant -> 6k*level ;)

daishinzo January 7 2005 2:05 PM EST

Arsons cloak is +4.

Tibike77 January 7 2005 2:09 PM EST

Yeah, 3*6k=18k (next on Charon) and 4*6k=24k (on Susan).
/me spanks own head
Pen and paper good, brain bad :D

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 7 2005 6:29 PM EST

Well so far a FB of ~ level 14K can't damage anyone wearing a CBF...

Tibike77 January 7 2005 8:27 PM EST

I guess it's pretty safe to assume that CBF = immunity from FB and CBF splash damage (if any).

Apparently, a ToJ + HP/FB/DM minion is still the leading 1-minion team by far... no ideea on multiple minion strats vs large DM.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 7 2005 9:49 PM EST

Multiple minion strats Vs DM usually is very amusing (assuming you're on the DM side of things).

"Apparently, a ToJ + HP/FB/DM minion is still the leading 1-minion team by far..."

That means what? The top 4 (maybe top 5, have only attacked the top 4 though so I wouldn't know) are all very evenly matched both for PR and how well they do against each other (if I were to pick the stronger of the 4 it'd be the only tank up there... granted that's because of his tattoo but he's still got the edge right now).

CBF, yeah I'm fairly sure it blocks fireball entirely, hurts single mages a lot and a lot of other strats seem to be hurt by it. But then again, what other options are there? MM is a good one for some strats but I don't see it finding it's way into my strat very soon. Just have to pick which penalty you'll take, FB is superior in most ways but so easy to block.

Salketer [big bucks] January 7 2005 10:05 PM EST

Jon said it wasn't blocking FB entirely... VS big fireballs, a CBF could let some damage pass.

As for the defence from other CBF i don't know...

Starseed^Lure January 8 2005 4:10 AM EST

My four minion team seems to be weak against two things: single tanks, and single mages. Needless to say, I can't wait until I can get my hands on a CoBF. It seems to me that it is a sort of equalizer for the four minion groups versus single minion groups. An equalizer that is so needed in this world of DM.
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