Issue login in CB 1 and CB 2 (in General)

Duke January 8 2005 4:21 PM EST

I have run in many issue since CB2 been release.

In CB1 i run into issue all the time
Yesterday i was not able to log in CB2 and CB1.

I wonder if that something relate to the fact i have use the same password and eemail for CB1 and CB2

golgotha January 8 2005 4:24 PM EST

i do the same thing and i have no problems

Duke January 8 2005 4:29 PM EST

IN CB1 i was able to log twice in the last 20 min but each time i was going back to the main page i was getting kick out and back to the login screen

bartjan January 8 2005 4:49 PM EST

I'm suffering from a complete lack of information in your post, describing your problem.
What browser do you use? Did you try with another browser? Did you read FAQs->web browsers? Did you try clearing your cache? Is your browser properly configured for cookies? Are there no cookie-eating software like firewalls in the way? Anything else I missed?

private January 8 2005 6:26 PM EST

Bartjan used to have psychic powers that allowed him to mystically fix stuff like this without even understanding the descriptions. Alas, his Zenmaster powers did not carry over to CB2

Cranium Basher January 9 2005 3:53 AM EST

I understand what heis saying completely, althought I doubt it's a bug (it happens to me also)

When logged into cb1 normally, I can idle for ... along time.... (don't know the extent

but when logged into cb1, and cb2 at the same time, you get booted from cb1 every... 20-30 minutes.

bartjan January 9 2005 5:04 AM EST

Well, I'm very good at idling, and do so for hours and hours, in both CB1 and CB2, without any issues.

Cranium Basher January 9 2005 6:57 AM EST

I'm guessing it's an IE bug *shrug*

Don't care, I'm rarely in cb1 anyways.
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