Q on auction of black market item (in General)

Quark January 10 2005 2:12 PM EST

I saw a Tattoo of Flames in auction, went to black market and voted for it, and subsequently can bid on the newly spawned item. Does that mean that I can bid on the earlier one that I saw? (Help says that you should be able to bid on a similar spawned item). I can't bid on the older auction - is that a bug or a limitation to prevent people from going for it the way I did?

Undertow January 10 2005 2:33 PM EST

You can only bid on the item YOU bring into auction. Also means that for that Flame tat your only bidding against 35 or so other guys, not all of CB.

Tibike77 January 10 2005 2:48 PM EST

Actually, I think you can bid on any items of that type that spawn in the two weeks after you expressed your vote for that item.

In the case of a Steel Brigandine (for instance), only 2 votes are required to spawn one - however, more than 2 people can vote on it ; if you have 8 spawned within 2 weeks of you voting one of them, you can bid in all 8 auctions... you could be facing between 8 and 16 potential buyers, and one of them could buy them all.

RIPsalt3d January 10 2005 2:50 PM EST

You can bid on any item of the type you voted for that spawns in the two weeks from when you cast your vote. So no, your vote won't allow you to bid on an existing auction.

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] January 10 2005 2:59 PM EST

Actually you can bid on an existing blackmarket idea even if it spawned before the one you voted for. At least I just did=D

Quark January 10 2005 3:25 PM EST

Actually, I'm just stupid. I was frustrated by not being able to bid on a "Lesser" tattoo of flames when I had voted on the greater tattoo. My bad.
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