Another new stat (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan January 19 2005 12:18 PM EST

See if you can find it.

Timberwolf January 19 2005 12:21 PM EST

Very cool Jon!

[HaveToLook]Buffet January 19 2005 12:27 PM EST

great stat.. thanks

GnuUzir January 19 2005 12:31 PM EST

Interesting, I wonder if that will effect clan fighting/farming?

Good stat though, I like knowing those little things...

Descent January 19 2005 12:37 PM EST

"See if you can find it" - Jonathan

Not that it's horribly discrete looking on the stats page =P

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 19 2005 7:25 PM EST

Could single clans be consolidated in that listing possibly? As it is, seems like only the top 5-10 clans are the only ones listed there.. :/

Stephen January 19 2005 8:13 PM EST

Or would it be possible to see the rivalry stats for a clan on its clan stats page?

Cranium Basher January 19 2005 8:21 PM EST

I can't :(

private January 19 2005 9:36 PM EST

For those that can't find it now (hint: Descent kind of made it obvious) , it will probably show up on the drop down menu after the flush.
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