Bussiness feature (in General)

Aidyn January 20 2005 12:08 AM EST

I have run into a problem of selecting the wrong time of armor/weapon several times causing me to lose money and having to fight more in order to earn that money. I am suggesting that someone possibly try to fix this feature by changing the format of how those pages are displayed and how the armor is selected so its a little easier to do. How it is now is confusing because the armor/weapon that is on the right side column in the list, it has the button in the middle which is confusing because a user, as well as myself, could think that the button in the middle is for an item on the left column rather than the center. Its just a problem that i have faced and my need some attention in the future to enhance the fun for others.


AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 20 2005 1:01 AM EST

The feature you are trying to explain is alternating color patterns to make it easier on the eye to quickly identify a match between the box and the item you want. I would really like this kind of thing too.

Aidyn January 21 2005 10:44 PM EST

Its good to hear that someone has had a similar expierence. I just think it would help if the right column would simply me moved underneath the left column to create a list. Yes it would be lengthy, especially in the weapons store but it would help newbs and other people not spend money on something they didnt want in the first place.

Max January 21 2005 10:49 PM EST

The learning curve isn't that steep for the store.

AdminJonathan January 22 2005 9:39 AM EST

If you're too dumb to realize "hmm, there are checkboxes on the right side of each column -- maybe that is the checkbox associated with it" then you'll have to find another game.
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