fixed ToE bug (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan January 25 2005 10:14 AM EST

ToE was only working for minions who also had protection cast on them.

MoeDrippins January 25 2005 10:33 AM EST

That affect Lessers as well?

Arorrr January 25 2005 11:16 AM EST

This bug fixed also changed ToJ endurance bug also. Now, we can see the effect on endurance of ToJ. I would say ToJ is more powerful now, even as a meat shield.

This is against O-so-re with a ToJ level 60Kish. His minion Fear has 9AC. Seem like ToJ endurance skill blocks about 60% vs level 50K FB (and also 10K FB on my familiar FB).

Ranged Combat
Old Drawf's familiar's Fireball hit Fear's familiar [870], Fear [2351]
Gold Mine's Fireball hit Fear's familiar [2697], Fear [6697]
Gold Mine's Fireball hit Fear's familiar [2043], Fear [8299]
Gold Mine's Fireball hit Fear's familiar [2275], Fear [6727]

[EG] Almuric January 25 2005 11:35 AM EST

My fights are lasting much longer now, to the point of stalemates sometimes. I think this will revive interest in CoC.

Mythology January 25 2005 11:51 AM EST

Please say that the Jig familiars dont have endurance at the same level as if they were wearing a tattoo of endurance...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 25 2005 12:07 PM EST

I think their Endurance level would count as a tattoo level, which would be equal to the rest of thier stats (well apart from the one that got a small boost, Strength maybe?).


This would explain why I didn't see an effect on my 1PR character, and when I look back to when I was using a ToE (I had protection then) on Talhearn, why sometimes it didn't seem to work.

My opponent had negated my base Protection with DM!


QBJohnnywas January 25 2005 12:23 PM EST

Does this mean that there is (was?) a link between how protection works and how endurance works? Somebody put me out of my misery please!!!! How does it work?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

AdminJonathan January 25 2005 12:24 PM EST

I already explained exactly how it worked, but since it's been fixed does it really matter?

QBJohnnywas January 25 2005 12:25 PM EST

I guess not - so long as it works! =)

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] January 25 2005 4:54 PM EST

Jon, Thank you for that fix. See? I wasn't kidding when I said I thought it was broken. Yipee! Now it works. Thank you!

[FireBreathing]Chicken January 26 2005 12:38 AM EST

any chance of making endurance a skill?

Mythology January 26 2005 9:00 AM EST

1) Is Endurance blocking damage from decay?
2) If it is, should it be doing this, or does endurance not count as AC for that equation?

Majestik Moose January 26 2005 9:26 AM EST

I have runned a test myth, which is under 'ToE and Decay' thread. Dunno if it helps you a bit, it mostly confused me.
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