Skills (in General)

miteke [Superheros] January 25 2005 11:28 AM EST

Skills have a rating next to them, such as 1.2. What is a good number to aim for. What does it mean in specific terms. I suspect that the number you aim for is different depending on your goals, so the more info I can get on how these skills work the better. Is there a place I can go to (perhaps on the web) that describes how the various skills work in detail?

[YG]Wildthing January 25 2005 11:33 AM EST

for bl it is 1.20 and for archery the max is 1.0. you will get this number when either of these are 1/4 of your strength. training more then that is basically wasted exp for the time being

[EG] Almuric January 25 2005 12:00 PM EST

There are 4 skills.

Unarmed Combat (UC): If you have a UC of 8 you're fighting with the equivalent of a [8x8] (+8) weapon. The exact interaction of UC, ST, and DX is not known.

Evasion: An evasion of 8 will subtract 8 from the plus (+) of any weapon your opponent is using to hit you.

Archery: Only used with bows, not xbows or slings. Max of 1.0 when trained to 1/4 of your ST. In addition to providing extra damage during ranged rounds, the level is the percentage chance you have of hitting during the 2nd round of ranged combat. Without archery, bows only fire every other round. Note that your ST may be different during combat than it is when you're not fighting due to effects of EC, GS, and Tattoos.

Bloodlust (BL): Increases your physical damage (with a weapon) during melee combat only, not ranged. Max of 1.2 when trained to 1/4 of ST. Again, your ST may be different during combat. I can't remember whether BL increases bow/xbow/sling damage during melee rounds. I'm thinking not, but perhaps someone else can chime in here.

QBsutekh137 January 25 2005 12:02 PM EST

this almuric guy has great info, thanks man. you should run for qb or something.

miteke [Superheros] January 25 2005 12:51 PM EST


Excellent response. Could this be added to the FAQs?

AdminJonathan January 25 2005 12:53 PM EST

UC "virtual base dmg" iis constant

miteke [Superheros] January 25 2005 12:56 PM EST

What is "virtual base dmg"?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 25 2005 12:59 PM EST

So UC would be [VBDxLevel]+(Level)? A UC of 8 is [VBDx8]+(8)?

AdminJonathan January 25 2005 1:02 PM EST


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 25 2005 1:08 PM EST


[EG] Almuric January 25 2005 1:35 PM EST

My bad. Learn something new every day.
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