Any chance of letting mage familiars train HP (in General)

Quark January 25 2005 12:28 PM EST

Just asking, since the ToJ training is balanced to everything a UC minion would need, a mage minion by themselves would train at least HP and the mage DD spell.

AdminJonathan January 25 2005 12:31 PM EST

No. Mage familiars are more specialty items.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 25 2005 1:13 PM EST

Besides, if they trained HP it would lower their DD spell...

And they need that as high as possible to overcome AMF.

Either hide them at the back of multiple minions, and accept that when you face FB they won't last past the first round. Or use AS and accept that DM will lower your total HP.

Two things of note. If your opponent uses DM (to strip your AS), they won't be using AMF (or it will be very small...) to resist your DD spell. Using AS on a single minion with a mage tattoo only loses you around 4% of the total hit points you would have had just training HP! ;)

Quark January 25 2005 2:26 PM EST

Good point on the strategy. It was more of a principles thing, as I was imagining the tattoo would mimic a familiar you would train to do the same thing.
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