Backstabbing tatoos? (in General)

tasuki [UFC] January 25 2005 2:18 PM EST

Is it normal for my tatoo to hit me randomly? My ltof's fire hit my enemy as well as me.

I apologize if this was cover somewhere but I did a search and did see anything relevant to this.

Todd January 25 2005 2:20 PM EST

That tattoo casts fireball, right?

Check the spell description (train page) for fireball.

QBsutekh137 January 25 2005 2:20 PM EST

fire ball magic "splashes" on your own remaining team mates in melee unless they protected by something like balrog cloak.

sasquatchan January 25 2005 4:03 PM EST

And GA doesn't distinguish between good guy/bad guy that did the damage, it just goes after the responsible party..
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