Melee Madness (in General)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 26 2005 4:41 PM EST

I've been watching my fights, and I thought about damage. My crappy lochaber axe is only 48x11, which only adds up to about 528. I was noticing that quite frequently, my damage is around 528. And not much more or less than that. Is this how melee damage will continue to be? The weapon you use is the most important indication of all damage?

I had this CRAZY idea that strength was factored in there somewhere. But if that were the case, I know I would be getting somewhat more damage then the absolute base of the weapon. Can someone help me out here? My strength is about 10k, I know it isn't much, but its much more then nothing. I know I'm missing something here.

P.S. I have attacked a mage minion with 0 AC, and gotten almost base damage.

AdminJonathan January 26 2005 4:47 PM EST

Thanks for demonstrating the dangers of generalizing from a single data point.

bartjan January 26 2005 5:18 PM EST

What gave you the idea that 'x' meant multiply?

Xanthochroid January 26 2005 7:46 PM EST

I always assumed "x" meant multiply, but we all know the saying about assuming.
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