Contest: MotM Trophy (in Contests)

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 28 2005 1:42 AM EST

Well the first month of CB2 is coming to an end and I'll be most likely starting up the Mentor of the Month competition here for February.

Problem is, I want a trophy, in CB1 we had a dagger named A Slightly Used Piece of Chalk. In CB2 we can't name items (yet).

I haven't got many ideas so whoever comes up with the one that I use, gets 10k.

1, Must be unique, like a base item, the biggest of it's kind, something like that.
2, Must be something no one would bother to steal, maybe I'll just give them something they can keep but most likely it'd be like in CB1 were it gets handed on to the new winner each month.

Any ideas?

[LB]Iceman January 28 2005 1:49 AM EST

A Whip [9x13] + 37

Undertow January 28 2005 2:52 AM EST

don't make it a whip. Make it a long sword, and make it X1 +0, then it's "ceremonial" :D

Bounty Hunter January 28 2005 3:18 AM EST

What about a base Loch. It's only worth sentimental value anymore:(

[Contests]Lyan[CB2BANK] January 28 2005 4:14 AM EST

How about a dagger that has the golden ratio, the golden ratio is define as approx. 8/13
so [8x13]+[your age] and name it "Golden Dagger"
just a though, maybe you're not into math.

Shadowcat January 28 2005 4:17 AM EST

A Sling [1x2](+3)

That would represent counting from 1 to 3, which is the cornerstone of any solid education that a mentor would provide to their mentees.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 28 2005 5:16 AM EST

Shadowcat, that would require me learning mathamatics to know that you're not lying that 1,2 and 3 are really the first three numbers. ;) - In other words, I like Jango's idea even if only to constantly remind Todd that his loch's greatness has now passed :)

Lyacence, don't daggers have a base of 4? Besides, I haven't a clue what you mean by golden ratio... sounds like a decent idea, just doesn't make sense to me, can anyone enlighten me?

Jango, as I already said, I like your idea :)

Undertow, yeah, but somehow a base longsword doesn't seem that special, if it was incredibly rare... well yeah, that'd be good but it just doesn't sound the best to me, thanks for the suggestion anyway ;)

Iceman, well, maybe, cancel my debt to you and it'll sound a lot nicer (who ever said bribery wasn't allowed?), but as is, it's a good idea, just I like the loch one a little better.

[Contests]Lyan[CB2BANK] January 28 2005 11:49 AM EST

The golden ratio is the number 1.61803... The ratio has been considered to be "pleasing to the eyes." most of the thing you see in everyday life has this ratio. Like the lenth of your table divided by the width. The length of your window/the width. The size of your front tooth/ the size of the one next to it...etc.
more about it here
for example, if you're designing a rectangle swimming pool what shape would you pick :
___ _________ ____
|__.| |________.| |____|

well, the shape that is most pleasing to the eyes is the one that has the golden ratio. length/width = 1.61803

Btw i'm new to CB so i didn't know dagger has the max base of 4 :[

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 28 2005 2:40 PM EST

"max base", they'll all have the same base ;) only the x and + on a weapon and + on armor are upgradable. But thanks for the explanation.

Any more suggestions? It's an easy 10k, anyone?

Majestik Moose January 28 2005 2:52 PM EST

Just to be annoying, but the Golden Ratio is defined somewhat like this:

For the Golden ratio: A/B, should equal to B/(A+B), equal to the 0.6 something. ( A and B can represent f.ex. sides of a rectangle).

BooDiggens January 28 2005 3:18 PM EST

There is something called the Divine Proportion which equals approximately 1.618. Also known as the number Phi, it is very prominant in nature. Next time you all have the time measure the distance from your shoulder to your fingertips, and then divide it by the distance from your elbow to fingertips. Or hip to floor divided by knee to floor.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 28 2005 3:33 PM EST

/me pretends he understands what Moose is saying.

Anyhow, any more suggestions for the trophy item?
This contest will end in around 12 hours.

Fire Upon Heaven January 28 2005 9:17 PM EST

how about a base lesser jig? i mean it's absolutely useless. i wanna c the mentor of the month leveling that.

Devil Burrito January 28 2005 9:40 PM EST

My suggestion is a +20 Double Chain Mail, if naming is implemented call it Mentors Burden ... heh... to me Double Chain Main is very useless.

Or... make it a Hard leather cap, base, and call it ' The Pretty Mentor Hat'

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 28 2005 10:05 PM EST

No?! DCMs are useless? Never!

I like the idea though :)

Doomlayer, maybe... don't have anything against that suggestion but I like the others a little better.

Scottie21390 January 28 2005 11:56 PM EST

make it a tattoo of jigorokano thats starts out at the lowest level 20 and hand it down to each player and by doing so you make it the best TOJ in the game and it becomes bragging rights and the best tat to have and i dont know what to call it yet.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 29 2005 2:51 AM EST

MrChuckles (King Chuckles) [CB Loans]Jango Fett (Boba Fett) $10000 2:49 AM EST

Contest closed, the trophy will be a loch, hopefully we can get it named eventually but a base loch will do for now =)
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