What would you suggest? (in General)

Devil Burrito January 30 2005 10:20 PM EST

What changes would you suggest for Cb2? I mean little things not new things :-p

I wish that there was a tiny thing that tracked the number of people you referred... like... on the referal page maybe it would say "You have referred x players to Cb2!" ... im not sure why i would want this but i would.

Undertow January 30 2005 10:27 PM EST

Um, you can get that stat, look around community: more: refferal stuff, and click your name, all your refferals are listed.

Blarg January 30 2005 10:27 PM EST

A stat that records the standings of AC levels (w/o prot)on the stat pages.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 30 2005 10:31 PM EST

On the stats page,
Highest DI.
MPB to include magic and BL/Archery.

Sukotto [lookingglas] January 30 2005 11:32 PM EST

I wish the spell attributes page had "XP spent" and "spell popularity" sections for just the top 100 players.

Undertow January 30 2005 11:44 PM EST

Clan forums.

Stephen January 30 2005 11:46 PM EST

I'd like to see people who have my char in their fightlist, to give me a focus on people who can regulalry beat me up.

[FireBreathing]Chicken January 31 2005 12:14 AM EST

Greatest pr gain in the past week.

Harik January 31 2005 2:14 AM EST

How about blacksmith lets you see upgrade prices even if he won't let you upgrade then? (10k or too low-level weapon or whatever) It'd be really nice for us newbies.

Speaking of upgrades, have any of the sites updated the upgrade prices for CB2? I know
all ranged are out-of-date due to the change.

Xanthochroid January 31 2005 4:54 AM EST

Hell, I suggest this a lot. Not having to equip an item to blacksmith it - example, blacksmithing an unequipped bundle of arrows or cloak of balrog flames. Also, the ability to upload a picture for your clan - example, if you were the Catstranglers, you could have a picture of some one strangling a cat.

(Please remember that Carnage Blender does not endorse, nor has or will it ever, the strangling of cats for sport or otherwise)

dnnx January 31 2005 5:20 AM EST

A later Buy BA reset time, I think is 9pm for us here in the west coast, way to early for me. [see post time :) ]

Devil Burrito January 31 2005 5:54 PM EST

Oooo i would also like the most expensive weapon / armor thing back

Tribute January 31 2005 7:51 PM EST

I would like a nice DM nerf. :)

Max February 2 2005 10:57 PM EST

FS/WTB fees based on Realm. Fine for posting in wrong forum to escape fees unchanged though.

AdminJonathan February 2 2005 11:04 PM EST

think about it, Max -- do you really want to increase the incentive to post "highly upgraded scimitar for sale" posts?

Unforgiven February 2 2005 11:26 PM EST

When choosing opponents while editing favorites, it would be nice to have a "Remove opponents in favorites that have recently defeated you"

Fishead February 2 2005 11:57 PM EST

I'd like a second favorites list, or an option to organize the existing one.

Undertow February 3 2005 12:14 AM EST

Couldn't you use a simple cookie to save multiple favoristes lists? Because that would be SO useful. Having to reorganize favorites after hard core clan killing (against only 3 point clans, erasing half my list) is annoying. But just annoying.

QBJohnnywas February 3 2005 12:15 AM EST

I'd like a link to my community player page in the left hand pane, perhaps under 'manage characters'. Laziness really but would make it easier to get to my lists of recent posts, auctions etc.
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