money suggestion (in General)

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] February 2 2005 10:45 AM EST

I know that I make the mistake by my lack of attention to detail. Once in a while I will go into a store with one of my farms with no money. Of course I then have to burn one more BA because I can't see all the weapons and armor and need to load my guy with money. I'm confident that Im not the only person that this happens to. My suggestion is to have the option to simply add all of the money that all of your characters have and be allowed to enter the store with this monetary figure. I realize that not all characters want this, so maybe making it an option in the settings menu as to turning this feature on and off would work. Again I realize that I'm the idiot here but I'm sure it would help more than just this one idiot :)

deifeln February 2 2005 10:48 AM EST

I'm sure that we've all done this at one time or another. Why should Jon spend his time programming to prevent the loss of a few BA from us when we make stupid mistakes when he could spend it making the game better with cool new features and such?

QBsutekh137 February 2 2005 10:59 AM EST

Would kind of throw off the whole transaction log too... Currently, store logs are by user (character). If suddenly people could buy stuff with pooled money, how would one denote that transaction?

I understand the sentiment of your post, but the logistics are somewhat far-reaching. *smile*

Warchild February 2 2005 11:48 AM EST

Additionally, it would really screw-up tourney characters as they would be able to get the better weapons and armor (assuming there is any in the store) from the very begining of the tourney.

To keep this from happening a decent idea would be to spread your money around to all your teams. Most things in the store don't cost more than 100k and nothing cost more than 150k so if you put around that much on each character you would never have to worry about getting to the store and not having the money with you.
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