What stat would you most like to see fill that space? (in Contests)

AdminG Beee February 3 2005 2:56 PM EST

Stats >> Characters >> Standings >> has a vacant slot in the "overall" column.
  • What stat would you most like to see fill that space?

  • How would you calculate it?

  • Why do you want it?

  • Give examples using 5 current users of how it would be displayed.

  • Max has agreed to make a CB Poll using the best entries to see which one the overall community would like to see most.
    This contest is not sponsored by Jon in anyway (I didn't talk to him about it) therefore there's no guarantee that your entry, should it win, will ever see the light of day on the statistics page. However, I'm hoping that someone will come up with something so good that Jon will not only love the idea and implement it, but he will also make a small prize available :)

    Before submitting any suggestions please be aware of FAQ >> FORS >> 4.
    Q: Please add a score:power ratio stat
    A: People who don't give the matter much thought might easily conclude that score:power ratio is a good measure of how effective a strategy is. However, there are several factors that skew this stat so much towards the low end that it would be entirely useless. Some of the more obvious such include high NW and decay.

    xDanELx February 3 2005 3:03 PM EST

    How about highest percentage wins? Its already in the Recent Battles page.

    Caedmon [Revenge of the Forgers] February 3 2005 3:09 PM EST

    How about most /kicks? :)

    MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 3 2005 4:20 PM EST

    I know I'm voting for Caedmon's idea (wouldn't you just love us ops to start randomly /kicking you to get our stats up?)

    However I think a "Worst Player" would be nice, biggest debt, clan that's been farmed the most, shortest lived clan, something of the sort.
    I doubt Jon would use it but it'd be fun to mock whoever was "the worst player".

    Sukotto [lookingglas] February 3 2005 4:43 PM EST

    Just off the top of my head, I'd like
    PR increase in last 7 days

    Or maybe
    That is, current PR divided by number of days (weeks? months?) since the character's creation.

    This would be another way to measure the effectiveness of a person's strat. It may be best to ignore characters younger than some amount -- one month? -- to avoid skewing the numbers too much.

    I'll have to think about how to make up some examples.

    Another interesting stat (for me at least) would be
    BA spent in last 7 days

    This shows off the people that really spend a lot of time playing vs. the more casual players.

    Cranium Basher February 3 2005 4:47 PM EST

    I like the Highest % // the Most Ba used ideas...

    I think the highest % of wins, should somehow be calced by the NUMBER of fights...

    Not sure how this could be resolved.

    Most Ba used in 7 days would be good.

    Cranium Basher February 3 2005 5:14 PM EST

    Another nice one would be: Cash earned through fighting. for each week.

    This would be simple, and wouldn't matter as far as worrying about corruption, very simple and straight forward...

    (money earned AFTER healing costs)

    AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 3 2005 5:27 PM EST

    It would be cool to see who is spending the most BA doing what, camping/forging/fighting, although I know Jon has been against things like that in the past.

    Majestik Moose February 3 2005 5:31 PM EST

    hmm. I'm taking the worst player title, so no need to have a stat :)

    well..in attributes, I would like a "most AC" stat, but I guess that is some problems coding.

    (CB1)ranament February 3 2005 6:36 PM EST

    I think a stat for ba used in 24 hours, one week and one month would be nice. it would be helpful for clan leaders. im not going in to detail i just thought i would bring it up : )

    Cranium Basher February 3 2005 6:44 PM EST

    Another good one, Most PR Gained in 24h / 1 week / 1 month

    QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] February 3 2005 11:07 PM EST

    how about total battles? that way we know who is farmed the most :)

    AdminG Beee February 4 2005 5:59 AM EST

    I was kinda hoping for something a bit more scientific than the suggestions so far.

    I spend BA and earn $
    $ / BA = n
    n / PR * 100 = completely useless number...

    There's a lot of smart people out there. Go and come up with something that's not a useless number and won't be corrupted (too much) by things such as loaned weapons etc...
    Better still, don't make it too complicated, just make it worthwhile, workable and original.

    More ideas please :)

    Undertow February 4 2005 8:11 AM EST

    money I make FROM FIGHTING ($)

    I transfer money out of my account via Auctions, transfers to other players, and buying from shops/blacksmith/forging (T)

    Money transfered to my account (n)

    Possible stats:

    stat = T - $ or Money spent that I did not earn fighting. IE: Money spent minus the money I have made fighting.

    stat = T - n - $ or Biggest spenders

    stat = T/n * $ I have no idea what this would do.

    I don't know, play around with it.

    AdminG Beee February 5 2005 9:26 AM EST

    Jon's told me he's interested in seeing what we can come up with. So c'mon folks, this is your chance for fame and fortune (well maybe not fortune) and your own place in history.

    Just imagine if Jon takes your idea on board and it becomes the CB standard !!

    Maelstrom February 5 2005 10:43 AM EST

    PR growth is an interesting idea, but no one has given formulas, so:

    start = "character creation date" OR "24hours" OR "1month" OR "1year"
    num_days = "today's date" - start
    growth_rate = PR/num_days

    QBsutekh137 February 5 2005 11:10 AM EST

    No offense to G_Beee, but pretty much every standing on the character page is able to be "corrupted":

    SCORE - Both the most and least meaningful statistic in the game. Did the top scorer spend $1000 USD on net worth? Did the top scorer leverage CB1 cash and items to jump out to a huge wealth headstart? Did the top scorer wake up in the middle of the night every night for months straight to not miss a single BA? Are these bad things? Score is the most involved standing, but it shows who beats who. I can make my score rise by 10-20% just by fighting while not being farmed, but that's part of the game too: actively being around.

    PR - Another easily "polluted" list. If someone is 15% in front of someone else, that might mean that the leader was simply fortunate enough to have been a member of HellFire since the beginning. *smile* Is that good management? Or just a lucky start? Or, as with score, is a high PR character simply lucky enough to be able to get in a lot of BA in a day?

    BATTLES AS CHALLENGER - So I wake up every night and rarely miss a BA. *shrug* That is no good indicator of whether or not my strategy is good (hint: it isn't, at least not right now).

    MOST POWERFUL BLOW - All I have to do is borrow a huge weapon, jack up some ammo, and pulverize a low-end character. Or, maybe a bug allowed all MPBs to be inflated (until recently, the MPBs were all from ToJs back when they were over-powered). Looks like this standing is pretty meaningless too.

    CURRENT WINNING STREAK - Hey look! So-and-so has won 150 battles in a row! *click* Not any more!

    RICHEST - Ah, sweet, sweet USD. Or better yet, sweet, sweet CB1 plundering. It's always good to know who has cash, but meaningful? "Uncorrupted"? Nah.

    NET WORTH - Hey camper! Great job snagging all that totally awesome gear! Too bad your character is so weak because of its lame PR! Plus, USD, CB1 = another useless statistic.

    None of this is a poke at any one character or idea. I just enjoy being an iconoclast and pointing out that most every statistic is a "useless number" when it comes to the "how did they get there?" or "how do I beat that?" questions.

    So, we have reached the empty slot. But we don't want anything that reduces to an identity equation involving the existing stats, nor do we want anything that can be "skewed". Tough room.

    First off, nix any BA-related ideas. BA is by user, not character. Any BA usage standing should not be in the character standings. I do think BA usage is the most "real-world" statistic, but even it does not always denote devotion or time-spent. A 24x7 camper spends a lot more "real" time in the game than I do, for example, but our BA usage over a 24-hour period would look similar.

    The user vs. character rule applies to anything chat-related as well. Showing /kicks or /kills or number of posts would be by user, not character. It has no place on the character standings page.

    Anything related to PR growth is already covered by the nifty graphs. Do we really need to see who shot up recently? Maybe a list of characters who have recently bought minions (other than the initial start) would be cool. Otherwise, the graphs are far more enlightening.

    Or if you really want to get useful in an analysis sense, how about showing hoarded EXP? Yeah, hallowed ground for some. It's fun to save up and then spring it, especially later in the game. But at least it would be a "useful" number as one is analyzing opponents and planning for the future. This stat might be hard to calculate on a global scale, depending on how Jonathan has the unspent experience stored. Virtual PR calculations must be fairly quick, though, as those are used heavily throughout the game.

    Ah, the dissertations are back. *smile* Thanks for reading.
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