Conspiracy Strat Revealed (in General)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 7 2005 7:43 PM EST

Hey there,

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are playing CB right now, and chances are also very good that you've heard of "clans" on CB. You have? Great! Now I have some important info to give you, but you might want to keep it to yourself. It's kinda secret.

Ever wondered how day-after-day, week-after-week, the same old clans beat your clan? Wanted to find a way to get on top, but just can't figure it out? Well its simpler then you thought, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions.

You need a number of fairly dedicated CB'ers to get together. All of these people need to be friends that trust each other. You need probably about 15 people to make it work properly. Now, what you do is get all your friends together, and split up into 3 clans, make sure the amount of active people in each clan is fairly even otherwise you won't get as good results. Following me still?

Basically, after you've got 3 clans with friends, with fairly active people in them, you need to start mad-dash battling other clans. However, keep this in mind, you must filter your fight list to only include clan members (that means DON'T even fight non clan characters), and only to include those clan members that aren't a part of your group of 3 clans. The last part, and still fairly important part, is that you also need to attack the top clans before any other clans, as these clans give you the big points (3 instead of 2). As long as you can follow those rules, you can succeed. Got all that? Now, go try it out, and you'll be running with the big boys in no time.

private February 7 2005 8:04 PM EST

Alas, if your 3 clans are all on top, there's that much fewer people with 3 points for you to fight.

Xiaz on Hiatus February 7 2005 8:09 PM EST

Can I laugh now? /me laughs.

You forgot to mention, in order to beat other clan member you have to have a PR high enough and and a strategy that doesn't suck.

Make sure you don't trust your friend to the point where they help you use all your spare BA. Cause we've all seen where that road leads to...

Undertow February 7 2005 8:18 PM EST

I think I've seen this tatic use somewhere before.... I think... maybe...

Valinor isn't quite THAT tight. I don't know anyone in Valinor IRL, or really that well on here even.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 7 2005 8:31 PM EST

Sentinels of Valinor (11,119)
HellFire (9,756)
BrimStone (7,304)
Battle Royale (5,787)
³ÎOeȾ–§╚╚ (4,663)

Top 5 clans right now.

Yeah Valinor are always up there but it's not like having 3 clans is that much of an advantage, Hellfire holds 2nd and 3rd place, Battle Royale and Thingameweirdnamedclan are 4th/5th. Really, it does make that much of a diference doesn't it? ;P

Obviously having 1 clan in the top 5 makes this 3 clan idea superior to all of us ignorant 1 clan people ;)

BrandonLP February 10 2005 8:08 PM EST

It's been suggested that we change strats, but BoV mainly just fights 3 point clans. No special strat.
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