Mage --> Tank? (in General)

3D February 7 2005 11:51 PM EST

I've heard a couple times that there are a lot more mages now in cb2 than there was in cb1. But, for responses, (not same people) both said that there will be more tanks later on in the game. One of them said 300k pr + then the mages will fizzle out since the weapons and ST of tank will be bigger and will do more damage than the mages.
I was thinking about this, and was wondering whether this is true, or if anyone else got a comment.

Tenchi Muyo February 8 2005 12:05 AM EST

In CB1 mages were generally very good early on, as long as they weren't fighting newbies with rented weapons.

In CB2, mages can go even further thanks to ToJ (now they have a semi-single tank).

However, I would definately bet that once we see 300-400k+ PR characters with ToAs and ToE, I would bet you will slowly see tanks take over.

3D February 8 2005 12:10 AM EST

why specfically toa and toe? toj + another tank will still be good though no? even with a 4 minion team...?

Undertow February 8 2005 12:15 AM EST

ToE and ToA and I think ToS too all do well with a T strat. However, another big point is that there isn't as much tank GEAR right now. In CB1 I could find a pair of Tulks in a half an hour if I had the money. There I had: A SC, Tulks, CML's, a HoF (Non-upgradable +56 MC, basically), a HoD, and a 5 mil comp and 7 mil clay. I rented a BoM. Do you know how hard that would be to find right now? It's way crazy. So, when there is more tanks, and more really good tank armor, tanks will take over.

Remember, tanks are NW dependant, mages are PR dependant. They can't BUY damage like a tank can.

3D February 8 2005 12:19 AM EST

I see. But when 1st made my strategy i had a tank. I then asked for some strat help, and then i heard a lot of people saying my Tank was too weedy, or too weak. Will this change later on in the game as PR increases too?

Tenchi Muyo February 8 2005 12:30 AM EST

My main reasoning behind ToE and ToA is that they enhance the tank specifically, while the ToJ is more of an addition.

Obviously nobody can say for sure what the "end-game" strategy will be, but judging by CB1, I believe tanks will start to show true power in another month or two as equipment becomes easier to get, while others increase in power.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 8 2005 12:31 AM EST

I think you guys are under rating single mages...

"- ratio of DD:weapon damage increased" I assume this means that DD is closer to the damage of a weapon now.

Also my Fireball has been doing at the very least last time I checked 5x that of a 3 mil Elbow. That's got to mean something doesn't it?

Also people seem to be overlooking the fact that mages will ineviatably have bigger tattoos, tanks spend their money on weapons, mages have spare money lying around to loan out their tats.

Also, as if all of that wasn't enough, mages have always been competetive at any PR, just none in CB1 were far above 500k PR when CB2 came out and there were very few of those.
Tanks in my opinion are more popular because people can start over, equip them with big weapons and when it's sitting at a mediocre PR with brilliant weapons, they do well. That's about all they have over mages in CB2, although I'd be interested to see a big tank with a ToA try and prove me wrong. :)

3D February 8 2005 12:47 AM EST

but chuckles you lose to tanks that dont even have a toa

Tenchi Muyo February 8 2005 12:48 AM EST

Personally today I've decided to do a switch to single tank. Whether or not it will ever rival mages, we'll see in a few weeks.

3D February 8 2005 12:50 AM EST

dont forget an AMF =P really

Tenchi Muyo February 8 2005 12:52 AM EST

That's one of my thoughts, especially towards why (eventually) mages will end up losing.

It might not be much now, because there is nobody strong enough to have good stats AND a good AMF. However, 300k PR from now...

AMF is the anti-mage, and there is nothing a mage can do to stop it other than put fewer points into HP and more into their spells.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 8 2005 1:12 AM EST

If you're losing to tanks without a ToA, I don't see how you're managing to lose to a single tank unless either it's NW is huge for your PR (which would even itself out at a higher PR or he'd stop to camp/forge and a mage char's PR would outrun his), he has a huge tat or a CoBF. A 4 minion team one, again, probably NW but it could also be that just his strategy is good against yours.

All of which would seriously hurt you if you had a tank too ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 8 2005 4:16 AM EST


What team (unless you're another single Mage training HP,DD,AMF) is going to have a high enough AMF to dent a single Mages DD spell?

QBJohnnywas February 8 2005 4:33 AM EST

GL, a two minion team like your own could conceivably have only AMF trained on the second minion - he doesn't need to last, doesn't need to even be a meatshield. All he has to do is cast AMF. (I would have used GA in CB1 to get tanks and mages but DM and the way fireball and GA interact these days make that a bad combination) If that is all you are training you could get it pretty large I think. =)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 8 2005 4:54 AM EST

Yeah, but I still consider my main to be a single minion (only because of the way I'm spending XP). ;)

You could have a set up with 2 minions (or 3..) soley training AMF, but that would leave you with a very weak tank or mage minion...

I was only really replying to;

"dont forget an AMF =P really"


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