How are rewards calculated? (in General)

Todd February 10 2005 10:28 AM EST

I am truly a n00b with stuff like this, since in CB1, I didn't worry about it.

Anyways, I've read the help, and FAQ sections, but I didn't see an answer to this simple question:

-What are the factors in determining the rewards ($ and exp) we get when we defeat an opponent?

Here's what I thought I knew:
1. Rewards depend on the PR level at which you are fighting- assuming you and your opponent are in the same PR range. (Rewards at PR 1 are a lot less than at PR 1,000,000)
2. Rewards depend on a the ratio of your score to the score of the opponent you defeated. (You get more rewards for beating someone of higher score than if you had beat someone at your score)
3. Rewards do _not_ depend on ratio of your PR to the PR of your opponent you defeated. (I'm saying that only the score ratio matters, not PR). Note, this is not the same as #1

I am beginning to doubt #3. I know the rewards have a huge variation from fight to fight, but I'm pretty sure that I am getting less rewards from fighting people who are at my score, but a much less PR.

So, I'm here to throw this out the community. What have you observed?

QBsutekh137 February 10 2005 10:33 AM EST

Additional point: You get greater rewards for beating people whose score is above your PR. At least I think that is supposed to be how it goes.

I have noticed people in my score range but tiny PR, and I seem to get smaller rewards. Kind of annoying, as I don't really care how a person got up on my area *cough*CoBF*cough*, I should get decent rewards if they are able to come up and fight with the higher-end folks.

I know this has gone back and forth, but with the way the score ladder works now (quicker convergence, etc.) is there any reason that rewards should be based on anything other than score? As meaningless as score is, at least it works in net worth, PR, and special items that can vault someone to the top. Someone remind me -- why aren't we just using score as reward criteria? It would probably require special-case rules for people way at the top, but I thought folks at the very top already had some exceptions going...

QBsutekh137 February 10 2005 10:36 AM EST

Didn't there used to be a section on battle rewards in Help or FAQ? Can someone find it for me, I appear to be blind this morning...

Majestik Moose February 10 2005 10:41 AM EST

If the rewards only depended on score ratio, a char who is playing at top would have to lose against low score chars, to get score down, so he could get enough money (for example to buy BA, since BA costs rise with PR).
With Scoreratio-rewards only,the top chars of CB would only be playable for people with insane amount of time (since there would only be like 2-3 chars that were worth beating), or decent amount of USD, to buy money, purely to afford buying BA.

QBsutekh137 February 10 2005 10:47 AM EST

Like I said, Moose, the folks at the top would have to have special rules, as they already do (IIRC). There are always going to be edge effects no matter what scheme gets used.

Majestik Moose February 10 2005 10:52 AM EST

well... I personally believe that systems that works out for the whole CB database of chars, is both easier and more practical, since they don't consist of boundaries between two systems.

Bolfen February 10 2005 10:54 AM EST

I think factor #1 is by far the largest factor and makes factor #2 relatively miniscule, unless the ratio of (opponents score:your PR) is very high. (>3).

My main experience testing this in CB2 was in the early days when I borrowed AvoidCXT's tattoo and beat the top scores in the game when I was < 1K PR. I was disappointed that even beating the top players, I only got about 10% more XP (IIRC, it was 11-13 XP vs. 10-12 XP).

Steve G February 10 2005 11:07 AM EST

my rewards are equal to or lesser then what i was making about 2 weeks ago.

i find if i take of my tattoo and encourage a few people to attack me and lower my score i get better rewards, because there is nobody whos score is higher then my PR on a regular basis that i attack (only 2 people exist, 1 is in allied clan and 1 i cant beat 99% of the time so i dont bother)

QBsutekh137 February 10 2005 11:08 AM EST

I have no idea what that means, Moose. No matter which way you slice it, the people at the top are always going to have to be special-cased...

Todd February 10 2005 11:17 AM EST

So, rewards do depend on the PR ratio? I don't know why I assumed they did not.. hmmm

Arorrr February 10 2005 1:10 PM EST

Higher score oponent, more money. Higher PR oponent, more exp. That's what I figure from my fight list.

Shadowcat February 10 2005 1:31 PM EST

I haven't had time to go through and throughly study this, but this is what I've observed the last few days from my typical fightlists.

I have my fightlist sorted by PR because as a single tank I'm curious how I am faring against people close to my pr whether it's single or multi minions. I notice that about 4/5 of my fights will return money and exp in the same range, for example between $90-110 and 60-70 exp per fight. I'll get a few every time though that will out of the blue give me something like $150 and 90 exp, even if they are significantly lower in PR.

I would say that most of the time the increased rewards come from people over my pr(There are always a few people I can beat that are 5-9k over my pr) but i've seen instances where people up to 15k below are giving me better rewards.

The best I can conclude with limited scientific review is that PR ratio is the primary factor in determining rewards, but score must be a lesser part of the equation that will modify a given reward based on what your getting from the PR comparison. For example say at 70k PR I'm going to get $100 and 90 exp per fight against someone around 70k PR. If that same person has 100k score, then my rewards increase by $30 and 10 exp.

Just some thoughts, I will try and get some usable data the next few days as I've been curious about this myself and add some more useful conjecturing to the topic.

Majestik Moose February 10 2005 1:33 PM EST

Chet... Hypothetical:
CB has score based ratio rewards for chars up to 90% of highest PR, where PR also starts to account into equation.
One char at 85% of highest PR can beat all chars in the game. (S)he will of course rise way high in score, but will get very poor rewards, since (s)he is in the "lower" system. (Has not passed the boundary).
The chars just 5% over in PR, has another system, partly based on PR, and they will gain PR in faster pace, even though they are weaker.

This is an extreme example of what can happen between two systems of reward calculation. Of course you can make another systems, but as long as reward calculation changes drastically at a given PR, you will have flaws.

dnnx February 10 2005 4:42 PM EST

To make this conversation more interesting:

Why do I sometimes get less of the "more" rewards during crazy rewards than during regular rewards period. It does not compute :(
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