Minion Idea (in General)

Gothar February 16 2005 10:32 AM EST

I don't know if that has been suggested before or not but I thought it would be a great idea so here goes - feel free to flame me if you want as I am sure some will...

Right now I have a MT team. I am wondering how my tank or my mage might fare on their own. I would like to be able to temporarily retire one minion (I really dont want to lose all that experience) just to see how the other fares - I know it would be at a reduced level but it would still give a decent idea.

To advance the idea a little bit it would be really cool to be able to train minions and interchange them on the same team like say I had two characters a single tank for one team and a EM for the other team. If I could move the Enchanter to the tank team. This might be a little out there but I wanted to see what anyone else thought.

Ideas, comments, input? Or just tell me where to go.

LumpBot February 16 2005 10:35 AM EST

The first idea sounds like a Single Minion Tank or Single Minion Mage to me.

a20sidedninja February 16 2005 10:37 AM EST

The first idea doesn't seem too terrible, and would it would be relatively easy to put a "deactivate / activate" button on the train page. The only problem I can see is the possibility of some one deactivating all their minions, so they can't be attacked.

The second idea has so many ways it could be abused it's border-line absurd. Mainly because score has no relation to PR, but (if I recall correctly) rewards do.

Gothar February 16 2005 10:47 AM EST

good point ninja thanks :)

QBsutekh137 February 16 2005 11:23 AM EST

"Retiring" a minion... How would rewards be doled out, namely experience? Full rewards to that one minion? Minion choice is a HUGE part of strategy. Being able to grow one and not the other is quite an advantage, especially of one is about to buy another minion (I am told that is based off the largest minion on the team).

If the rewards were still split as if all minions were fighting, that would be OK I think). Still tricky, though -- I am sure there is something I am forgetting, as I have never cared much for the "benching" idea...

Gothar February 16 2005 11:28 AM EST

If exp were still split evenly that would be fine - Really its just temporary (at least in my thoughts) to see if another strat might work better so you dont have to worry about starting a minion all over again. Although if all the exp went to the active minions it might be interesting to help even out your minions if you started one later than the other and wanted to get them to more similar powers - I could see this being abused though....

QBsutekh137 February 16 2005 12:51 PM EST

Actually, I am not sure why I was so hell-bent against this before...I guess it could be kind of fun. *smile* G_Beee has mentioned the idea several times in the past, and I always came down on it. Maybe it was about being able to drop your score, and then put the minions back in and drive up. But the score ladder equilibrates more rapidly these days, so this idea could be fun...

Tribute February 16 2005 12:57 PM EST

I just love the first idea of temporarily retiring minions. Then I thought of the opposite, temporarily hiring minions (of course with skills/enchantments/DD/ST/DX/HP/... depending on how high you are). Since this is highly unfair, I believe that no experience or money should be rewarded during these "testing" periods.

But of course my idea would be nearly impossible to program, so that's too bad isn't it?
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