looking to join a clan (in General)

Hyrule Castle February 25 2005 5:52 PM EST

i am willing to join a clan who needs me.... i use a 46k pw char and usually deal 600 points a day and 1000 points on weekends easily please have me join a clan ill join one within 2 hrs

Hyrule Castle February 25 2005 5:52 PM EST

correction not 2 hours 2 days

Duke February 26 2005 12:46 PM EST

Can you maintain a rate of 8000 point per week.

Hyrule Castle February 26 2005 2:21 PM EST

id say i easily get 8000 points a week

Special J February 26 2005 5:13 PM EST

if you do 600 per day and 1000 on weekends thats only 5000 for the weekm just wanting you to look at the compared picture before you jump too far in and agree to get the needed 8k a week.

TheEverblacksky February 26 2005 8:51 PM EST

My Clan Tribute Nation might have some room and if not we could clear out an unactive person... chatmail me if your interested.

Duke February 26 2005 10:05 PM EST

I can give a 3 day trial

Cost will be 20K reimbourse if you do the number of level need.

FrozenPaintball [PaintBallersAIM...FIRE] February 27 2005 10:39 AM EST

i have a clan looking for people to join... it is not big yet but im hoping it will be with your help

Untouchable March 13 2005 1:18 PM EST

Join my clan, hehehe, its not big n we need another member
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