Add Ranking to CB2... (in General)

Concepter February 26 2005 11:05 AM EST

I'd like to see a change meaning having ranking your overall ranking like Net Worth, Power Rating, Score. The Rank could be beside your PR and BA. Then you could have something to achieve like getting a higher rank. The ranking system could be if u have the best overall your #1. Please post your thoughts on if this would be a good change or not.

Concepter February 26 2005 11:12 AM EST

One more thing if there was ranking it could update every hour.

QBsutekh137 February 26 2005 11:45 AM EST

Are the realms already kind of a grouping for the statistics? The standings already are rankings, no? I guess I am not seeing what you mean by stripes or titles? I think realms is probably about as far as Jonathan would want to go with that. Make it to Gondor, and it means you have been around a while...
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