Haste (in General)

3D March 5 2005 1:17 PM EST

Lets say you have a DX penalty of 20% and u have 500 DX, making 400 DX. and u have a haste of 500. does that mean u have 400 DX + 500 DX (haste) = 900 DX or 500 DX + 500 DX(haste) = 1000DX then - 20% which is 800? DX

Fishead March 5 2005 1:34 PM EST

Dex penalties (and bonuses) only apply to trained dex (and str) unless that has changed from CB1. So you would have 900 dex in your example.

3D March 5 2005 3:15 PM EST

okay thx. just need 1 more person to confirm that =) but thanks i trust u neways

Tenchi Muyo March 5 2005 4:20 PM EST

I know that for things like a ToA, the bonuses from the tattoo are not affected by any modifications from armor.

Mechanical Dragon March 5 2005 4:47 PM EST

I'm pretty sure enchantments are applied after everything else.

3D March 5 2005 5:27 PM EST

okay thanks everyone
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