New Theme (in General)

Kriminal March 6 2005 7:25 AM EST

Classique Silverado Theme

check this theme out and let me know if it is worthy of publishing

48Zach March 6 2005 7:31 AM EST

you forgot to put the forge link into there

bartjan March 6 2005 7:51 AM EST

Nope, he didn't forget it ;)

Kriminal March 6 2005 7:54 AM EST

so Bartjan, what do you think?

renegade March 6 2005 7:56 AM EST

i think its pretty tight, i like it

Kriminal March 6 2005 7:58 AM EST

thanks renegade, its mainly for CB2, doesnt look as good in 1, I have like 6 themes for CB1, never got published, but some other artist's werks are better

48Zach March 6 2005 8:00 AM EST

your is good. id use it.

HunterFrei March 6 2005 8:43 AM EST

i like it :)

Duke March 6 2005 1:59 PM EST

I like it

Does someone know what happen with the gogle theme.For those playng at work.

Reebok March 6 2005 8:51 PM EST

A bit too flashy for me, but what do I know?

Undertow March 6 2005 8:53 PM EST

I like the layout, but not the style.
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