Own top 10 Jig? Read on... (in General)

spydah March 7 2005 8:43 PM EST

Looking for some info. If you happen to be the proud owner/renter of a top 10ish Jig, do me a big ol favour. Create a new char, or use one that is close to new, slap the jig on there, and fight me a few times.

I'd be happy to fight you so you don't waste yer fights, but then we actually have to coordinate online times, balhblah... anyway.

So, do that with the fight log on, and either copy-paste, or just let me know the level of Jig, and ratio of hits:misses for jig vs. me and me vs. jig.



Duke March 7 2005 11:57 PM EST

I would like to do the same that Todd on this.

Tribute March 8 2005 12:01 AM EST

I wonder what sort of data could you be collecting. Or is this just pointless fun?
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