Clan PR limit working ? (in General)

Mythology March 8 2005 2:14 PM EST

I must admit I really do not understand the maths behind how the clan PR limit is worked out, far from it. I just want to check this is correct because I understand limitedly that it is not like PR = PR and is all complex etc. But today we had a character around 39K power rating, while he was in the clan the total available to accept was 22K, after ejecting him it is now, 366K. I know this is how it works etc.. Im not saying this is wrong (even though it is :p) but are the calculations correct this seems more scewed than I've ever seen it before...

Duke March 8 2005 3:41 PM EST

I had some clan movement lately

Ok figure that out

260K under the cap

a 90K PR join

4 K under the cap

I rotate my char a 99K char to a 50K char

12K under the cap
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