Bug? Or just different "accounting" methods? (in General)

MoeDrippins March 8 2005 11:29 PM EST

In the 24 hour (non-cached) clan rivalry page, it shows:

Flaming_Fist from Sentinels of Valinor: -804

Yet I ALONE did more than that:

MoeDrippins -838

Not to mention others in my clan. Are the clan rivalry stats calculated on a day to day basis, while the personal stats are a 24 sliding window or something on that order? Or is this a bug?

Duke March 8 2005 11:35 PM EST

Only 800 we were at 2k last week in overall.

Too bad

AdminJonathan March 9 2005 11:27 AM EST

there's no such thing as a non-cached clan rivalry page; it's far too expensive to compute

MoeDrippins March 9 2005 11:29 AM EST

Ok, I had suspected as much. The heading on the overview page still says "Statistics on this page are cached for speed. Click on a heading to see the most recent information." so was hoping against hope.
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