How many people sacrifice sleep for clanpoints? (in General)

Sedecim March 10 2005 8:25 AM EST

I'm a fairly active player. I generally only miss a few BA during the day, I buy the maximum amount of BA daily and still get some 8 hours of pillow time. Yesterday I only fought 3-point clan members and made sure I only had opponents in my list I almost always beat in one fight. So I made a pretty decent 2800 clan points.

But when I look at the current MVP Steve G, I see a score of 4248.
4248 / 3 = 1416 fights
1416 - 336 = 1080 regenerated fights (without bought BA)
1080 / 7 * 10 = 1543 minutes worth of regeneration
1543 / 60 = 25,7 hours regeneration per day?
(this would be about 17.7 hours if he had bought 2 time the maximum amount of BA in that 24 hours)

Also I looked at his 1000 most recent battles in which he only won very few fights when he was being challenged. So that's probably not a big extra source of points.

So I was wondering how much sleep you some of you clanners sacrifice in the name of more clanpoints? :)

Wahooka March 10 2005 8:35 AM EST

Excellent analysis, but you are considering he spread the BA out evenly over time (disregarding BA that was bought). I would suggest that 3.5 hours worth of BA were squeezed into a very short time period. I suggest this because I use all BA before going to sleep and use all BA after waking up. This leaves 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep possible, but I bet he gets less :P

Please correct me if you think I made a mistake.

IndependenZ March 10 2005 8:41 AM EST

Well, it's simple: they set their alarm clock every 3,5 hours ;)
I've never done it myself, and yet I've had 4,800 clan MVP once.
And there are people who have gone over 5k clan MVP too ...

Wahooka March 10 2005 8:42 AM EST

Also, I have had over 5k clan points during one 24-hour period, but I don't think there was any sleeping invloved.

QBsutekh137 March 10 2005 9:13 AM EST

Also, remember it is a rolling 24-hour period. When I have peaked over 5K points, it is because I staggered my BA buying to get an extra total of 672 (336 x 2) battles in a single 24-hour stretch. This happens when I am shifting my fight density in preparation for bonus times, etc.

So, running the calculations again:

At 7/10 BA rate, that is 1008 BA a day, base. Add in 336, and that equals 1344. Multiply by 3 and we are already at 4032 clan points. For the days where two sets of BA are included, tack on another 336x3, or 1008, and we have a grand total of 5040.

The final variances come from the 160 sloshing around. One can save that amount of BA for certain times, sometimes tacking on another 160x3, or 480, for a theoretical max on clan points of 5520. From there, all that is left to add in is wins from others. It is pretty much guaranteed that if you see someone peak at over 5K, they were low the day before or the day after. For Saturday bonus times, that day after is Sunday (which doesn't matter clan-wise anyway).

As for the lack of sleep, I only wake up once in the middle of the night. That's all it takes for 24x7 blending. I don't have a continuous alarm or a geeky digital watch with four chimes on it. Just an atomic alarm clock with dual alarms, one for middle-of-might wake-up and one to get up for work. I still land 7 hours of sleep a night, and I make sure I can burn my night BA quickly by having my fight list contain plenty of people to click through.

There. Now you know all my "secrets". Sorry, not very glamorous. *smile*
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