Tattoo renting (in General)

Cheer Us On To State March 11 2005 12:23 AM EST

ok so tattoo renting is gone from the rentals..but if people started posting on here that they were willing to rent out tattoos to turn a profit...would this be acceptable? just wondering...let me know so i know weather or not my clan could use this as a money maker.

Jack Daniels

AdminG Beee March 11 2005 4:07 AM EST

If you use FS/WTB forum correctly - why not ?

Cheer Us On To State March 11 2005 8:55 AM EST

yeah see thats what im wondering, cause i dont know if john meant it so that there is no more renting of tattoos pierod, or if you want to do it on the FS/WTB it would be ok....

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 11 2005 9:00 AM EST

See Changelog:

- Tattoos may still be exchanged via auctions and transfers; loans continue to cost as much as a permanent transfer

sasquatchan March 11 2005 9:53 AM EST

Right, but think about the other consequences .. Most folks who rented a tattoo were renting oversized ones. Because the rewards for winning with an oversized tattoo have been reduced, I'm not sure there's a market for it -- unlike renting an uber weapon, where you can make up the rental fee and then some in fight rewards, one can not easily make up the rental fee for renting a large tattoo..

Now, there may be a market for non-oversized tattoo rentals, who knows, maybe try that out (?) .. Say a mage wants to try a ToF that's about right for the char's level, who knows...

Cheer Us On To State March 11 2005 10:07 AM EST

yeah i see what your saying, thanks for the help and advice
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