Want to be in a top clan for a week? (in General)

Majestik Moose March 11 2005 5:30 PM EST

BrimStone is temporary hiring a member, since we are currently few on members. This contract will keep you in clan for a week.

The requirement is that you can produce more points per day, than you are losing from being farmed.

There is no PR limit.

If you can keep up a tempo of 1500 CP+ a day, I will pay you 10k CB cash as a bonus.
If you can keep up a tempo of 2000 CP+ a day, I will pay you 20k as a bonus.

If you're interested, just chatmail me, catch me in chat, or answer this thread.

Special J March 11 2005 7:10 PM EST

Id be willing to lend a hand.

Duke March 12 2005 2:10 PM EST

I still dont get why TOP clan need to pay ppl to make them join.Is them that should pay us.Newbie was renting ToJ to have bigger reward why not rent a spot in a clan for bonus on reward better, control on score.

MoeDrippins March 12 2005 2:33 PM EST

Top clans ARE paying you; up to 15%.
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