Help.. Reward messed up? (in General)

3D March 13 2005 1:39 AM EST

You are awarded $147 and your Minions receive 28 exp each. Clan bonus: 14.4%.
No tattoo whatsoever.
You are awarded $45 and your Minions receive 13 exp each. Clan bonus: 14.4%.
This is with a level 1,620 Tattoo of Jigorokano on.
My pr is 8,656.
Surely the tattoo is .7 of my pr, and these fights are against the same person, so why are my rewards so low with the tattoo on?

Nightmare [NewNightmares] March 13 2005 1:53 AM EST

because you are running a 3M team... if you were using a 1M team, you'd be getting about 70xp a fight, and thats normal for a 10k pr single minion.

3D March 13 2005 1:55 AM EST

eh what? im not sure i totally understood that

Becoming March 13 2005 1:56 AM EST

What Hacker is saying is that his rewards dropped significantly when equipping a tattoo that should be "ok" for his PR. It has nothing to do with the number of minions he has.

3D March 13 2005 1:57 AM EST

Yeah what Becoming said.

Khardin March 13 2005 2:19 AM EST

im curious.. do you fight by score or pr?

3D March 13 2005 2:33 AM EST

the guys pr i was fighting was 10k

Khardin March 13 2005 2:36 AM EST

yes but what was his score and yours?

3D March 13 2005 2:41 AM EST

my score iwas 17.5k his was (it said) 19k

Undertow March 13 2005 3:50 AM EST

That fight just sucked. Dry your tears, and just forget about it and press down and enter. Partially random, remember?

AdminJonathan March 13 2005 9:50 AM EST

faqs -> armor

QBsutekh137 March 13 2005 11:15 AM EST

Sorry, Jonathan, not sure I see how faqs -> armor is helping out here. Hacker appears to be aware of how a tattoo influences rewards. Therein lies the basis of his question.

It sounds to me like "CB -> randomness" would be the correct answer. Hacker, can you run several tests with and without? A single comparison is in no way indicative of, well, anything. Random ranges play a huge part of the game, so you will have to gather more data to be sure.

Just FYI, even fighting the same person, my dollar rewards will range from $90 or so to around $200. So your range is not entirely out of line. See Avoid's excellent threads on rewards calculations, or even send him some data to help out his quest if you really want to get to the bottom of this. *smile*

AdminJonathan March 13 2005 12:35 PM EST

sorry, didn't read the OP very closely. yes, the answer is "randomness" :)

3D March 13 2005 1:14 PM EST

i'll run more tests on same person and repost.

AvoidCXT March 13 2005 2:30 PM EST

Can't be randomness, If the lowest cash possible for the char was $45, then the highest possible would be 2.25 times that, which is $101.25.

AdminJonathan March 13 2005 3:06 PM EST

then it's a combination :P
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