A Carnage Koan (in General)

Frod March 13 2005 4:37 PM EST

The student and the master were in #carnage, discussing a recent change.

The student spat and said, "This new change is ridiculous."

The master remained silent.

The student said, "This is awful. What is he thinking?"

The master remained silent.

The student said, "Don't you think this is a problem?"

The master spoke. "This indeed changes everything. Before change, click, fight, click, fight, train. After change, click, fight, click, fight, train."

And the student was enlightened.

AdminJonathan March 13 2005 4:54 PM EST

I might have to dig up that cb1 ZenMaster code... :)

BrandonLP March 13 2005 4:58 PM EST

Awesome. =)

GnuUzir March 13 2005 5:01 PM EST

Very nice Frod, going to have to remember to quote you more often... ;p

Thraklight Resonance March 15 2005 5:59 PM EST

Thanks, Frod. You just gave me a battlefaeries flashback ... :-)

Caedmon [Revenge of the Forgers] March 15 2005 8:38 PM EST

Oh, great. Now all the noobs will be screaming for Pandora's Boxes. :P

Tribute March 15 2005 8:40 PM EST

??? I have no idea what this means. The problem may come from the fact I don't know what Koan means.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] March 15 2005 8:48 PM EST

The dictionary is your friend.

Thraklight Resonance March 15 2005 9:01 PM EST

I'll take a whippy cattle prod as long as I also get to hide in a bunker and use air strikes. :-)

Tribute March 15 2005 10:38 PM EST

ooh the word now makes the whole thing make sense! guess I was right. Oh, and the dictionary IS my friend. I will love it forever!
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