CB1 > CB2 (in General)

Devil Burrito March 13 2005 10:03 PM EST

Anyone agree with me on this one? I mean were in the third month of CB2 and I often times find my self letting BA waste on cb2 but franticly using in on cb1. CB1 just seems to have an extra edge that CB2 just dosent seem to have...

I've been arguing with my self that maybe that Tattoos are what is taking away from the fun of cb2.

Not complaining though, I love both Carnageblenders ^.^ They a very, very addictive game

AvoidCXT March 13 2005 10:17 PM EST

Go tournaments! Go cb1!

{CB1}[umk]Fangs March 14 2005 2:44 AM EST

yeah, that happens to me too... i always log in first to CB1 to use my BA rather than CB2...

Adrian Exodus March 14 2005 4:11 AM EST

I'm all for cb1, cb2 for some reason just seems like another online game that I get bored with, but cb1...is just needs to be played :)

AdminG Beee March 14 2005 4:13 AM EST

CB1 is soooo last year.

Wake up and embrace the future :)

Xiaz on Hiatus March 14 2005 5:40 AM EST

Yeh, I can't wait till CB3 comes out. But if Jon's anything like Blizzard, it won't come out for a long long time.

Majestik Moose March 14 2005 7:46 AM EST

for me, much of the fun with CB2 is all off the monthly changes and such. (just lost my 2nd place in PR, and went to to 10th).

hilarious :)

It also forces a flexible strat creation.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] March 14 2005 8:24 AM EST

Moose beat me to it :)
Half of CB for me is Jon's changes, a game like CB1 is great but it gets old without change.

CB2 also offers a lot more competition. Lower PRs are good for that although things like tats and newbie bonus add to your chances of getting into the higher PRs.

AdminG Beee March 14 2005 6:06 PM EST

MrChuckles said:...CB1 is great but it gets old without change.

What, are you joking !? You can't remember the changes we had on CB1 ?

CB1 didn't get old. It got dumped for CB2 because Todd broke it :)

I finally see March 14 2005 6:12 PM EST

I agree, cb2 just seems...odd. I have no idea, it's just that cb1 was a much more exciting, friendly game.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] March 14 2005 6:33 PM EST

*see title of thread*
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