How big is your "Favorites" fight list? (in General)

Todd March 17 2005 12:09 PM EST

Assume: You are in a clan, and only pick opponents who will get you 3 points (they are a member of a clan receiving a bonus).

Since the biggest factor in determining the rewards you get when you win is the ratio of your PR to your opponents score, you are best picking opponents who:

1. are in a clan getting rewards.
2. have their score higher than your Power Rating
3. are beatable in 1 fight (duh).

How I make my fight list is:

A. I sort opponents by PR, then pick those around and above me (I have a list of those I can beat, and those I cannot so I don't test the waters several times per day).
B. I delete those not in a clan receiving a bonus.
C. I switch to sorting by score.
D. I delete those whose score is less than my PR.

If you are not in the top 10 (lack of opponents), and you follow my method, how big is your fight list? Mine varies from 4-10 people. I hate tiny rewards (less than $100), so I find myself fighting a small list to make sure I get decent rewards.

Again, using my method, how big is your fight list?

GnuUzir March 17 2005 12:15 PM EST

If I only fought people I can beat every time in 3 point clans my list would be 3 people, but I have included a few scores below my PR so I usually float around 8-10...

Relic March 17 2005 12:23 PM EST

I have 12 in my list. I clean it out and make changes a few times a day, but it stays right around that number.

DizzyGuy March 17 2005 12:27 PM EST

I'm low man on the totem poll... so I usually have 4-5 that are around my score, but several giving me reduced rewards

QBJohnnywas March 17 2005 12:34 PM EST

This weeks a good one - I've got 15 in my favourites list who are getting a bonus. Normally though it averages out at about 5 or 6. I guess it helps if you have most of the SOV in your favourites list....=)

Tenchi Muyo March 17 2005 12:46 PM EST

My list varies from 20 to 28 people. Sometimes my targets drop out of a clan so I drop them from my list T_T

Eternal March 17 2005 1:12 PM EST

I have between 6 to 10 people in my list. I only keep three pointers on my list, and I don't like tiny rewards, either.

AdminG Beee March 17 2005 1:30 PM EST

only 4 :(

but one of them is you Todd... alas, not for much longer I think :/

[EG] Almuric March 17 2005 1:59 PM EST

I try to keep at least 12 people on my list. Often, it's closer to 20. I just want to get through my fight list as quick as possible and I don't want to unfairly penalize one particular clan.

Undertow March 17 2005 2:05 PM EST

I have ONE person on my fight list above my score, and I don't limit by 3 point clan. (hello sefton!)

Undertow March 17 2005 2:06 PM EST

Also I usually rework my fight list on Sundays, so it doesn't effect clans, then just remove people as the week goes on, having it shrink till next Sunday.

Fishead March 18 2005 12:33 AM EST

I get 15 in my fight list using your method, around 25 before sorting your way.

QBsutekh137 March 18 2005 12:46 AM EST

Wow, some people like to work hard... Here's what I do:

- Add opponents close to my score. Who? Whomever...I know who I can beat, and I say...200K sounds like a good cutoff! Select all the folks I can!
- Remove non-3 point people.
- Fight.

Trying to guess rewards is a fool's errand, in my opinion. I have people ultra low on my list who give me from 100-175, then I have high folks on my list who give 85-130. Sure, I know a few that will generally give better rewards (higher PR), and I could pare my list down to all 2 or 3 of them....instead, I have 15-25 on my list at all times.

This is advantageous. I remember once Steve was figuratively cracking his knuckles in chat before high-experience time started, waiting to farm the heck out of poor folks (I hear I am a fine, meaty piece Apparently, before he was through with the trash talking, I had rattled off 160 battles. Took about...3 minutes? I did a "crazy Ivan" on my recent fights and saw how dreadfully I had been farmed...AlienFB had destroyed me all of 7 times. The horror. The HORROR!!!!!!! Two more minutes to burn another 100 BA, and I was closed out or my browser and back to creating ever-important gems of programming for my worthless employer.

I don't have time for a fight list of only 4-10 people, at least not while I am at work. So which is better, losing BA or simply fighting (even with a "poorly" constructed list)? The range of rewards is so large that is it really worth finding out who can squeeze you out a few more bucks/experience? People think I am nuts to get up in the middle of the night to burn an extra 160 a day -- I think y'all are nuts for fussing over your fight list so meticulously. Gonna take a lot of extra rewards to make up for an extra 160 battles...and that extra 160 takes me 8 minutes a night: smack alarm clock, C-enter, C-enter, back to bed. CRAZY!!!!!!

dnnx March 18 2005 1:02 AM EST

I have 20-35 in mine, I am constantly looking at rewards, as soon as I notice someone not producing what I am happy with , they get deleted. I constantly adjust my list everytime I have BA accumulated.

Starseed^Lure March 18 2005 4:45 AM EST

Wow, I felt out of place until I read the last two posts but Chet and Dnnx. Sorry if I'm a little off topic, by the way ;D . The two points that stuck out to me the most were:

"Gonna take a lot of extra rewards to make up for an extra 160 battles" -chet

and " soon as I notice someone not producing what I am happy with , they get deleted." -Dnnx

I tend to my list like a well kept garden. When you see a weed, you pluck it. You could meticulously spend your time sorting your list and fighting it, or you could go work for an hour and make a half mil CB2 dollars working at Burger King ;p
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