Need help with strat (in General)

DizzyGuy March 23 2005 3:29 AM EST

Ok... I have played for several months, but I really don't understand BL and VA... so can any one explain it any... or give me advice on what to get for weps/armor and how to train the minons for a char I got? Any help would be appreciated =) Image hosted by

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 23 2005 4:26 AM EST

Hi. VA casts on all your minions and returns life based on the physical damage they deal in melee combat only. As none of your minions above have melee weapons equipped, it won't do anything for them. Your VA level (number before the (?)) is compared to your damage done to deterim how much life is returned. This is applied after damage taken, so can in some cases bring a minion back to life (if life returned is greater than damage taken past zero HPs).

BL Increases the amount of damage you do with melee physical damage (1.20 is max amount), but you take more damage (from all types of attack) in melee. To stay at maximum effect, it should be trained to 1/4 of that minions strength. Again, as you have no melee weapon on your BL minion, it does nothing but make you take more damage in the melee rounds.

I hope this helps!


DizzyGuy March 23 2005 4:45 AM EST

Thanks for your reply, that helps me under stand them a little better, the weapons will be put on my chars, I just haven't had time since I've gotten them

Warchild March 23 2005 4:57 AM EST

1) BL increases your physical melee damage but also increases the damage you take. Should be trained to 1/4 of your ST. Max of 1.2
2) VA gives back health for each hit you make in melee. Level should equal your damage. Max damage for max return on the VA or ave damage for best xp effeciency

Ok Short version (where I would go with it):
Retrain Leon to AMF/GA (75%/25%)
Retrain Hellen's BL to Archery (at 25% of ST)
Get heavy armor for Hellen as well as a good bow and a decent melee weapon
Get a ToJ (or personal favorite DD tat) on Leon

Long Version (with more options):
With the double AS, I would suggest training GA so that the enchanters can do damage. Either put it in place of the VA and switch BL over to archery (my personal advice) or train the GA on Hellen. Which you choose is simply a personal choice. I would definately say that you need to get at least some AMF trained (prolly on Leon if you go with GA on him since GA does not need to be quite as high)

As far as weapons go, it depends on whether you go with BL or Archery. If you go with Archery get a good bow (ELB, Compound, Composite; in that order) and a decent melee weapon. If you go with BL get a decent xbow and a good melee weapon (BoNE, MH,Exec, or ELS, BTH, Katana if you decide to go 1 handed)

For your armor go with either heavy armor on the tank (Adam, SC, CML, Tulkas, HoD, BoM/MgS) or go with a light tank with smalller armor that has less penalties (MC, EC, DB, Tulkas, HoD, BoM/MgS is a decent combo) I would personally go with the high AC heavy armor with this strat. And either the BoM or MgS would be great for this strat. Just remember the restrictions of the MgS.

As far as a Tattoo goes, ToJ on Leon would be very good but any of the DD tats would work as well. A ToA on Hellen would take away from your AC but would add a lot to your stats (your choice) I don't think ToE would be very useful here but you cold try it on the tank (I just don't think it would do well)

DizzyGuy March 23 2005 5:49 PM EST

Thanks, War =)

Relic March 23 2005 6:12 PM EST

VA will only really help your tank if they had a melee weapon. Your enchanters won't benefit at all by having weapons or VA because their ST is non-existent. I would suggest getting your Tank more AC armor. Also, none of your minions are attacking in ranged combat, so they are just standing there getting hit by FB, MM, or Bows. Another thing with VA is that it really only helps when you are hitting for 10K or so per hit in melee rounds. I would also recommend getting a ToJ which will benefit from the AS enchantment and VA. You might think of having a minion do ranged combat of some sort. Just some thoughts...
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