who has a PSP? (in Off-topic)

WeaponX March 24 2005 10:52 PM EST

and what game{s} should i get?

Becoming March 24 2005 11:05 PM EST

Try this article.

I finally see March 24 2005 11:57 PM EST

A handheld? At that price? I'd rather wear flames and peach!

QBsutekh137 March 25 2005 12:48 AM EST

It's deader than A-line flairs with pockets in the knees!

Xenko March 25 2005 8:20 AM EST

My fiancée and her brother both bought one. They are sweet. The graphics on the PSP are outstanding. I'm now contemplating getting one as well. As for the games, there is something for everyone, racing, RPG, GTA, action/adventure, and puzzle games are all coming out within a few weeks, so it just depends what you like to play

Frod March 25 2005 9:21 AM EST

I'll second that.

It's dead all right--dead sexy.

NotSuitablForChildren [Yeeeaahh.................] March 25 2005 11:22 AM EST

They are going to be releasing movies for it as well. Also the graphic quality is the same as the PS2, and I beleive that the memory cards are also able to be plugged in. So you can be working on a mission in GTA, but have to catch the bus. So you pop your memory card into your PSP and never miss a beat. Too cool.

Undertow March 25 2005 11:33 AM EST

Your wrong NSFC. It uses a memmory stick, like a camera. And the games are uncompatable with PS2 games.

However, you can play some games at a wireless internet hotspot vs other players on the net. So chill out in your local cyber cafe for awhile, and play Twisted Metal against people ALL OVER THE WORLD. Sweet? I think so. Like rock candy.

WeaponX March 25 2005 12:02 PM EST

i have wireless net in my house so i'm set... Woot

Sevare March 25 2005 12:05 PM EST

one of the cooler features if you ask me is the whole no regional code on it. Sometimes some of the best stuff is import only, now you dont need to import another piece of hardware. :P

QBsutekh137 March 25 2005 2:47 PM EST

Yeah, who am I kidding? I want one.

How is battery life?

Vagabond March 25 2005 2:51 PM EST

Battery life is decent, 4-6 hours. I played mine about 3 hours straight and it was down to one bar. Screen looks nice. The first one I picked up had 3 dead pixels, luckily I turned in on in the car and saw them and ran inside for a replacement (w/ 0 dead pixels). Lumines is fun, so is Ridge Racer. Looking forward to some better game options in the future though.

Synco March 25 2005 2:57 PM EST

u can load movies onto the memory stick and watch them...u need to buy a USB cable for that though...
The graphics are awesome...and Need for speed undergrund Rivals looks good

Spectre March 26 2005 1:09 AM EST

I got mine as well. Wireless internet....sweet graphics....awesome games...movies...hell, I love this puppy!

Frod April 1 2005 10:50 PM EST

Three guys on my floor at work got them within a few hours of availability. They've been hunched over them wearing headphones at lunch every day... I'm quite tempted to drop the $250 and join the masses (and annual bonus checks came out today...)

AdminJonathan April 2 2005 12:18 AM EST

wow, working at a place that gives bonus checks...

I worked for one place that gave a monster $50 bonus to everyone annually. w00t I guess...

Fuhgawz April 2 2005 2:35 PM EST

got my PSP yesterday :P

{CB1}Lukeyman April 2 2005 3:26 PM EST

i just bought my xbox last month, so im broke now, and i can't afford one :(

I guess being a paper boy doesn't have all the best things

Fuhgawz April 2 2005 10:47 PM EST

what are you talking about i got my xbox last month to and i still got one, im just wanting a good rpg for the PSP

QBsutekh137 April 3 2005 12:00 AM EST

Annual bonus? I think I once got a ham. *smile*

vendo April 3 2005 12:16 AM EST

I remember one year when we got a tin of cookies with our ham.

Those were the days.......

Fuhgawz April 3 2005 12:22 AM EST

i use to work for a company that gave turkeys for thanksgiving...... /me is thinking this is straying away from PSPs

Devil Burrito April 3 2005 3:23 PM EDT

/me looks at his little DS and plays it proudly... then blows on the microphone and loses hope

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 3 2005 5:32 PM EDT

I can't wait to get it here in the UK and Dynasty Warriors, I found it a great game for the PS2 and to play it on the move would be a mega addiction also looking at the PSP's in store the on screen graphics will never be rivaled by the DS and even with it's touch screen I don't think gameplay will be as good as the PSP.
The best part about the DS imo is the price.

Hammerhead April 9 2005 12:27 PM EDT

Gizmondo would be best if it had a touch screen, but it dosn't so geta Ds..

Todd April 9 2005 2:14 PM EDT

You need to get a job where your bonus is tied to profits. This year we got a 2.5% bonus.

Formula is: They forecast a profit after taxes based on many factors (mainly driven by corporate headquarters). For every $500,000 over target we are (locally), we get a 0.5% bonus. So, in 2004, we were 2.5M over target.

Fuhgawz April 9 2005 3:10 PM EDT

This is not a thread about bonuses this is a thread to see who all has purchased a PSP.
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