What Does "Avg price over NW" mean? (in General)

QBsutekh137 March 29 2005 2:55 PM EST

On the meta-stats page in community info, there is a column for "Avg price over NW". Sometimes this column has a negative value that is larger than the average net worth itself. What exactly does this column mean?

Don't get me wrong -- the column serves its purpose well, that of showing the demarcation between "low" items and "high" items... I just don't get what that one column means when the value is ultra-negative (check out the beaked axes)...

SBW March 29 2005 2:57 PM EST

I think it's based on what they sell for in auctions...

QBsutekh137 March 29 2005 2:59 PM EST

OK...so how can an average price OVER be more negative than the average NW? I still must not be getting it...

moser March 29 2005 3:02 PM EST

Maybe the data was skewed by one or more really expensive versions of the item selling for next to nothing?

Will [Retired] March 29 2005 3:06 PM EST

when you sell something for less than its networth then it becomes negative with respect to its networth .: the average can become negative

[EG] Almuric March 29 2005 3:28 PM EST

If you look at auctions for Beaked Axes you'll see that only two have sold - both NW of $319,068. One sold for $55K and the other for $94.5K.

So they sold for $264,068 and $224,568 less than NW. Average that and you'll get $244,318. Clear as mud?

QBsutekh137 March 29 2005 3:58 PM EST

Thanks guys, that is clear, and makes the items not worth upgrading REALLY stand out. Jonathan should turn that column into a "Worth Upgrading" index...the more negative, the worse the index. *smile*
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