How to find your average rewards in two fights. (in General)

AvoidCXT March 30 2005 10:19 PM EST

This works because of what I found in my reward analysis post, specifically the fact there are only six possibilities of cash rewards.

The first step is to attack a character twice, and record the cash rewards for each battle. If you get the same number twice, or if they are only a dollar or two off, you'll need a third battle.
Then Take the higher of your two values and divide it by the lower.
If you get 2.25,2,1.75 or 1.25, multiply the lower cash value by 13/8 to get your average cash reward.
If you get 1.8,1.6,1.4 or 1.2, multiply the lower cash value by 13/10 to get your average cash reward.
If you get 1.333 or 1.667, multiply the lower cash value by 13/12 to get your average cash reward.
If you get 1.286 or 1.143, multiply the lower cash value by 13/14 to get your average cash reward.
If you get 1.125, multiply the lower cash value by 13/16 to get your average cash reward.
If you get 1.5, there are two possibilities for what your average cash reward can be - low*13/8 or low*13/12. You can look at both and guess which is right, or you can fight another battle and try again, or you can find a nice quiet corner and cry.

Once you've figured out your average cash reward, you can look at the ratios in my analysis post to get more info about your rewards.

AvoidCXT March 30 2005 10:22 PM EST

Forgot to add - you will probably be off by a few dollars, but that shouldn't matter much as your average reward from each character probably shifts by just as much every dozen battles or so.

Tribute March 30 2005 10:28 PM EST

$117 versus Bacunhar. Does this work for XP?

AvoidCXT March 30 2005 10:33 PM EST

Doesn't work for xp, only cash, but you can get your average xp rewards by dividing your average cash rewards by 1.655.

QBsutekh137 March 30 2005 10:39 PM EST

Awesome work. Now I have at least two heroes for through analysis: pulk, and you. *smile* Thanks for this.

Undertow March 31 2005 4:37 AM EST

You are a god among men.

Sedecim March 31 2005 5:17 AM EST

While this system does seem to yield a, more or less, constant value, it also seems a bit higher than my actual average. But then again, I probably should've looked at a much larger amount of fights. How does this take clan bonuses into account? Also, how did you find out about this? Did you plot the points in a graph an noticed small concentrations of points?

Conan March 31 2005 9:45 AM EST

do you know if it's work in cb1 too ?

Sedecim March 31 2005 10:45 AM EST

Avoid also had a link to a similar post in the CB1 forum in his post, so I would guess so...

AvoidCXT March 31 2005 12:28 PM EST

Yes, this works in cb1 as well. I think it actually works better in cb1, because there are much larger numbers.

Sedecim April 11 2005 9:28 AM EDT

I've compiled some data in the last 9 day's or so and turned it into a graph. It displays my cash reward against Goldminer over some 350 battles or so. There are some patches which look quite like you theory, but there are also some places where rewards look quite chaotic. (I guess I wasn't that careful with wacky time or something like that) I thought I'd share it for your viewing pleasure. :)

Xenko April 11 2005 12:15 PM EDT

You can see some fairly visible horizontal lines along that graph where the multipliers would be. But over 9 days, the score-PR ratio changes (heck it changes on a fight-by-fight basis, thus affecting the "base" value of a fight, so obviously there results will not be perfect, but there is an obvious pattern.
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