Item Lost (in General)

madmax3 April 2 2005 7:13 PM EST

As it says :(

During the problems last night, i seem to have misplaced my named Tulka's. has anybody seen them?

It was equipped on "The Extras"
They were +13, named "Darksteel Fists" , recently named with my EB's (check, i only have 3 named items) and seem to have just vanished... help? :)

QBsutekh137 April 2 2005 7:16 PM EST

There are no "Dark Steel Fists" as named Tulkas (according to meta stats), so I assume this got lost with the root volume over-run? I thought that was just backups, but maybe some other transactions were not getting saved properly to the database (didn't think that was possible, but I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me).

[Banned]Monty April 2 2005 7:18 PM EST

Will owed me some named slayer bolts but those went somewhere :(

madmax3 April 2 2005 7:24 PM EST

That's correct chet, it's as if they never existed. When you check my Char, there's only 3 named items also.

here's the only CB proof i have of them existing (and any paypal records of the item naming if need be) -

Shadowcat (Shadowkill) masterblaster (The Extras) A Pair of Tulkas' Gauntlets ($164309) March 20 2005 10:46 AM EST

So it was a while ago, there's no transfer back out, & I've still got item's that were received after that date.

slayers i wouldn't mind so much, but one of the top 5 TG's :(

madmax3 April 2 2005 7:31 PM EST

Also, if there's forging logs - This was the last item i forged (from +12 to +13), approximately within a day of the problems last night.

AdminJonathan April 2 2005 11:07 PM EST

I've restored all the missing items I could track for one reason or another, including masterblaster's tulka's.

madmax3 April 2 2005 11:26 PM EST

cheers Jon :)

they're back to +12, but i'm just glad to have them back at all. Thanks for the quick work.
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