new tattoo ideas? (in General)

Jason Bourne April 6 2005 2:17 AM EDT

since we have some dd spell tattoos....i was wondering...

why not a decay tattoo?

and while we are at it...why not
an AMF tattoo
a EC tattoo
A VA tattoo <---definately would be cool
an archery tattoo
UC tattoo
bloodlust tattoo
gs and haste...(no this is not similar to Aug) it would work like haste and gs do...cast on everyone

these are probably really bad ideas...but the decay one puzzled me and put me on the subject....neways, its late and im going to bed...

maulaxe April 6 2005 2:50 AM EDT

the tattoo artist would sure be in business then!

Grant April 6 2005 12:57 PM EDT

Tattoos consisting uniquely of VA, archery or bloodlust would all be rapidly overtrained for your character's level.

Thus, a VA + Archery + Bloodlust tattoo would overtrain less, but then you'd have a tattoo that rocks the tattoo of Augmentation--I can't see any skill-pumping tattoo that doesn't over-train that doesn't thrash every other tattoo.

As far as decay goes, a tattoo of decay would be overtraining decay (compared with AMF), so while a lesser tattoo of decay would make sense, a regular tattoo would be stupid.

AMF and EC: I asked jonathan about it and he said, "meh." so I wouldn't count your chickens.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 6 2005 2:01 PM EDT

A Decay tattoo would be great. I don't agree you can over train it, especially with the amount of AMF trained in CB2.

AdminG Beee April 6 2005 2:13 PM EDT

Heh, I wouldn't mind a "Dr Tattoo" that can't be hit (hey, he works for the Red Cross) and runs around healing your own minions.

Starseed^Lure April 6 2005 4:46 PM EDT

"Dr Tattoo" - LOL, that's too funny. Or you you could hit it, but then the CB United Nations would put sanctions on you.

I think that a there are many possibilites for tattoos, an AMF tattoo would definetly get used. But something like a ToA mixed with a ToE might grab some peoples attention. There's a ton of possibilities and I'm sure Jon has thought of a bunch too.

I think, though, that Jon is more clever than I and has some things yet more exciting planned. ;)

Jason Bourne April 6 2005 11:09 PM EDT

grant u make a good point, but what about a tattoo that automatically grants it, not overtrains it...such as a tattoo that automatically grants archery, and only takes up the body armor slot for armor.

or maybe a tattoo that doubles your damage, and takes up all ac slots, and negates prot. on ur minion (not likely :D )

a tat that always grants a full VA and takes up all body armor slots would be cool...
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