How do you know when you have enough VA? (in General)

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] April 7 2005 8:53 PM EDT

Is it based on a percent of the damage you inflict per blow, or based on MPB, or what? Where is the sweet spot?

DizzyGuy April 7 2005 8:59 PM EDT

I would like to know this as well... but it was suggested to me that I keep it at a little more than MPB

Mags April 7 2005 9:01 PM EDT

I'm pretty sure it's just a direct comparison between damage done on that particular hit and the literal level of the spell. That's just from personal observations, but I've learned and unlearned and retrained it enough times I've got some serious observation under my belt by now.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] April 7 2005 9:17 PM EDT

Vampiric Aura: 1,961/2,100

2000 VA is baseline and my calculations give this a VA of 5%. Not bad. If anyone has other calculations post here.

DizzyGuy April 7 2005 9:20 PM EDT

Vampiric Aura: 40,952 (?)

Tell me what to do to get the calculations, and I can help out =P

LumpBot April 7 2005 9:22 PM EDT

VA is related to damage you deal. So if you deal an average of 20K per hit, your VA should be at 20K. Keeping it at MPB is a good idea though because if you happen to hit that much again, your VA will still be at max =D

Mags April 7 2005 9:24 PM EDT

According to the description, it's relative to the damage done on that hit, so putting a number on its own out there isn't really relevant, as far as I'm aware.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] April 7 2005 9:25 PM EDT

I think if you take your average VA reward and divide it by your average damage per blow in a fight or series of fights you'll get a fraction. Multiply that fraction by 100 gives you the percent VA you have working.

Mags April 7 2005 9:27 PM EDT

But that percentage means nothing on its own because the effectiveness at a given level is contingent on your average damage per fight. You could find what the average percentage is capped at relative to the damage on a blow if you want, though.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] April 7 2005 9:31 PM EDT

I looked at 2 different minions with different damages and va rewards, but the % I got was around 5%. When I looked at a minion yielding a va weapon the % returned increased by about 5% as well.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] April 7 2005 9:56 PM EDT

What does VA cap at then? 50%, 70% 100%? Anyone know?

Fishead April 7 2005 10:01 PM EDT

I'd hate to throw another twist into the how much is enough question, but I think Dispell Magic will weaken your VA, so in theory you may want to over train. That's how I understand things.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] April 7 2005 10:04 PM EDT

If a mage has DM I would NEVER expect my VA to work. I'm not training VA to beat mages, rather to beat other tanks in melee. Most tanks don't train DM, especially single tanks which would be my toughest foes.

Again, what does VA max at? Anyone?

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] April 7 2005 10:13 PM EDT

Well let me ask this question then. Does ANYONE have VA trained to their MPB. If so what are your va rewards compared to the damage dealt, percent-wise?

Mags April 7 2005 10:15 PM EDT

My VA is more powerful than my MPB, which is a relic of an old strategy. I only hit for ~9-10k now. Looks to me like I get between 0% and 33%, which'd imply the most average VA will ever account for is 1/6 of your damage output.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] April 7 2005 10:17 PM EDT

If that's the case, and if your opponent hasn't cast DM, then that's somewhat disappointing. :/

Mags April 7 2005 10:22 PM EDT

I think it's phenomenal. Such a small investment for so many effective HP.

Starseed^Lure April 8 2005 12:36 AM EDT

I agree with mags. I think that this is a very worthwhile investment. If you think that you'd try to pump up some other defensive enchantment, go ahead. But I doubt that you'll beat the xp point efficiency of VA.

I use VA on my Jig with wonderful results. Makes him a hard lil bugger to get rid of.
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