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[Banned]Monty April 8 2005 1:23 AM EDT

find a way to get my chat to auto scroll I am on IE and I am using Windows Millenium Edition and I try to download java 1.4 and 1.3 and other javas but I keep getting an error and it wont instal or something

BrandonLP April 8 2005 1:47 AM EDT

Without being more specific about the errors, there's not much anyone can do for you. I've suggested rebooting and trying again, but you said it didn't work.

Adrian Exodus April 8 2005 1:49 AM EDT

have you un-installed the previous version(s) of java and then rebooted

Descent April 8 2005 2:42 AM EDT

My best advice to you is get rid of ME.

Seriously... Go get 98 (at least you can solve most problems with a reboot), 2000, or XP Home/Pro.

Better yet, Go find a build of RedHat or SUSE that you can deal with.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] April 8 2005 2:50 AM EDT

You have to uninstall the previous versions of Java. That can be tricky sometimes, but if you use the uninstaller it should work. The only way to fix it is to install the older version of java.

AdminJonathan April 8 2005 9:33 AM EDT

faqs -> chat

the latest version of the JRE works fine

sasquatchan April 8 2005 11:32 AM EDT

which is the latest ? ;) I think 1.4.2_08 came out "after" 1.5.0_02.. But then again, I haven't followed Sun's obnoxious release schedule that closely.. I've only got to run with 1.4.2 build 6 or higher.. hah.
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