Trust Me to trust you (in Contests)

Mistress Reyna April 10 2005 5:39 AM EDT

second rally :)
pass the cash, with the note " I Trust you"
make sure you trust em see how far along it gets .. please sombody post rules of first game

Mistress Reyna April 10 2005 5:40 AM EDT

3 Reyna (Tenshi Kuma) logan666 (I Win) $500 -- I trust You 5:40 AM EDT

Descent April 10 2005 5:43 AM EDT

A very simple game, if everyone reads the following rules :)
RULES (to be read).
1) The game is : pass temptation.

2) Once you have 'passed temptation' you will never have to face it again.

3) When it is your turn to be tested you will be sent an amount of money with the note "I trust you". You then have 2 options :
Road of disloyalty : "The person who sent me this is an idiot to think I wouldn't keep the money, I hope everyone sees how stupid they are". Then keep the money.
Road of loyalty : "I'd kind of like to keep the money, but its only a few $s cost to pass this on, and I dont want to make the person who sent me it and trusted me look stupid, I'll pass on the money". Then post on this thread you are taking the road of loyalty, then move to step (4).

4) Send the money you recieved PLUS another $500 to someone on the game you KNOW is ACTIVE and you TRUST. If they already passed temptation then you cannot send to them. Basically think to yourself 'who do i trust not to keep the money, who wont let me down?'. Once you have chosen attach the note "I trust you" and dont forget to send $500 more than you recieved and passed. NOW - Post to the thread the transfer log of you sending it, well done. You have passed temptation, you have proven you friend right, lets hope you sent it to a decent person... Good luck.

5) Note if temptation is not passed within 48 hours of it being sent, it is assumed the road of disloyalty has been chosen, so make sure the person you're sending it to will be online with 48 hours and does not take too long over decisions :p

Lets see how long we can get this to go :D

--Mythology, March 31 2005 6:32 PM EST

Descent April 10 2005 5:44 AM EDT

As a side note: It would appear that Mythology does not know the " I before E" rule. =P

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 10 2005 9:38 AM EDT

Koala, 9:22 AM EDT
apparently this has started over I was sent 500 with the message i trust you. so I sent 1,000 to blarg

This was posted in the other thread, I'm just moving it.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 10 2005 10:11 AM EDT

Descent that is one of the exceptions to the rule, Americans just haven't picked up on the fact that it is spelt recieved and not received :P
Also it is spelt and not spelled, would be easier if this thing was in English >.<

Mythology April 10 2005 10:22 AM EDT

I before E, except after C. Is the rule I believe.

BooDiggens April 10 2005 10:38 AM EDT

Is it also smelt, and not smelled. The smelt, smelt fishy. :P

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 10 2005 11:21 AM EDT

I before E, except after C. Is the rule I believe.
- You're right

So whats this?

4) Send the money you recieved PLUS another $500


CBers need to be mean to the next one to keep the $....>=/

Mythology April 10 2005 11:26 AM EDT

I never said I could spell, just knew the rule :p

Blarg April 10 2005 11:28 AM EDT

Blarg (Blarg Mk V) Mythology (Shadows in the Dusk) $10000 11:27 AM EDT.

Forgot to say I trust him. :P

Butters Almighty April 10 2005 4:07 PM EDT

this thread will end up appearing every week at this rate

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] April 10 2005 4:16 PM EDT

Well, something got messed up here so I just sent the $500 back to Reyna since it's already going around again.

slurpz April 10 2005 5:00 PM EDT

yea my bad...i restarted by sending to 500 before reading this thread :(

/me blushes

{CB1}Lukeyman April 10 2005 8:31 PM EDT

i'm confused...

*Lukey thinks for a moment, and then starts chanting* Myth...Myth...Myth...
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